Klopp gives his backing to the new LFC Sporting Director

Jurgen Klopp has praised Michael Edwards, the man newly promoted to the role of Sporting Director at Liverpool.

Speaking ahead of the weekend's game against Watford the LFC boss said:

"From my point of view it's a very natural decision.  When you have the right person at the club you have to use this person in the right way and that is what we did.

"Since I've been here the work with Michael has been brilliant - (our relationship is) full of trust which is what you need.

"Whoever brings in the player we have a lot of things to watch and talk about and in the end I will always have the final say.  That is perhaps the most important thing for you to know.

"If something is wrong while I'm here with transfers it is my responsibility.

Klopp expressed surprise that it was such a big issue to have a sporting director - and pointed to other leagues where it is the norm.

"He is a person who had done a lot of jobs within the club and only because it is in England does this seem bigger (news).  All the way around the world this is the way football clubs work.

"From now on we have Sporting Director Michael Edwards involved."

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