Klopp on going top of the league: ‘For 6 minutes we were not that good’

Jurgen Klopp enjoyed most of Liverpool's emphatic 6-1 victory over Watford but was still looking at the potential for further improvement.

It's better than being 10thJurgen Klopp

Liverpool went to the top of the league with the win, one point ahead of second placed Chelsea.

Goals arrived via the head and feet of Mane (2), Firmino, Coutinho, Emre Can and Gini Wijnaldum.   At the other end Liverpool did concede a goal after making two substitutions.

In his post match interviews the reds boss said:

"In specific moments, there was a lot to be pleased about, but there are other moments when it was not too enjoyable.

"It was hard work, even at the end when it looked like it wasn't. It was a brilliant performance for 84 minutes but for six minutes, we were not that good.

"They were really concentrated, they were really in the game. They really tried to do the right thing in the right moment and it was a lot to do today.

Klopp suggested that when Liverpool went 5-0 up after an hour they perhaps didn't know what to do next.

"We became less normal. We are not used to being that successful. I have no English word for it, it would be easier in German but we lost a little bit of the seriousness in one or two moments. We played too quick so we gave them the opportunity to win easy balls.

"It's not a problem that we only conceded one goal but it is a problem because we have to run then and it costs us energy in certain situations.

"There are a lot of things we can improve which is good but for today and for everybody that saw the game, they enjoyed it so it was quite a nice performance.

Speculation naturally turned towards a potential title charge.  But with less than a third of the season gone Klopp dampened down any speculation.

"It's better than being 10th, or whatever. It's very important to collect the points for the finish and for the final third of the season. We've started already collecting points but we need to go on with this and then we will see where we can end.

"I'm really not interested (in talking about the title). For me, it's more important that we look like a team who is able to win football games. On a good day, we are really difficult to play and that's the most important thing we can say.

"It's not important in this moment where we can end. I know in the past a lot of things happened here and the story two, three years ago when it was really close and everybody compares but this is not the team two, three years ago, this is not the team 25 years ago, we're completely new.

Liverpool are three points ahead of where they were in the season they finished 2nd in 2013-14 and Liverpool's league form has climbed ever since Jurgen Klopp was appointed as the reds boss.

The players now head off on a two week international break, something Klopp is not looking forward to:

'We now have an international break unfortunately and then we will go to Southampton and we will see how we can play there.

'We had a lot of problems this past week.  Players were ill, some came back for 1 or 2 days.  It was not enough for Dejan - he is now ill.  Bad timing.  But we did really well.  You have to be ready for these games.  We were ready.

'At this moment we have what we need to win football games.  We have high quality in training and until now we can show it on the pitch too.

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Klopp on going top of the league: ‘For 6 minutes we were not that good’

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