Liverpool using rugby training to improve Karius and Mignolet

Liverpool's goalkeepers are utilising training tools from other sports to deal with the physical nature of many Premier League sides.

Jurgen Klopp explained that goalkeeping coach John Achterberg uses aids such as the hit shield, usually found in rugby training, to apply pressure on the keeper when dealing with incoming crosses and long balls.

Speaking to the official website the Liverpool manager was asked about training ground photos showing the hit shields being used.

“There are different things you have to do as a coach.

“First, as a ’keeper you have to learn the technique, then you have to adapt to the real circumstances – having six or seven players around you.

“No-one gets out of your way. It is completely the opposite. They want to disturb your way.

"That wasn’t a specific preparation for Crystal Palace. It was specific training for goalkeepers in the Premier League.

“West Brom was the same and it was pretty much the same against Manchester United. That’s goalkeeping life. You can’t change this.

“You can’t say no long balls in the box and if there are then immediately whistle.

"That’s not how it works, so we need to prepare the boys and that’s what John is doing.”

Loris Karius usurped Simon Mignolet as Liverpool's first choice keeper shortly after he returned from a broken bone in his hand - with Mignolet now being used in the League Cup competition.

Klopp was recently asked about whether Liverpool could win the title to which he answered 'I don't know what it takes to win the Premier League title.  It's my first full season here.'

The introduction of these kind of training methods suggests he understands exactly what might be required.

Goalkeeping coach John Achterberg joined Liverpool in the summer of 2009, initially working with the youth and reserve sides, before being promoted to the first team in the summer of 2011.

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