Klopp takes responsibility for poor performances in FA Cup exit

Jurgen Klopp delivered his verdict on another bad day at the office as he reflected on the FA Cup exit at Anfield - a game that saw the reds lose 2-1 to Championship side Wolves.

The Liverpool boss said that going into the game, following 2 defeats, the reds were low on confidence.  He said:

'The start of the game doesn't make it easier.

Wolves scored in the 55th second after a free kick was headed in.

'A goal after a minute let them fly. It makes everything easier for them and everything more difficult for us.  That's why you should avoid a start like that.  First half we were too static, not flowing enough.

'Second half it was better.  We could have scored a few times they could have scored another one minimum.

Klopp was asked if he felt let down by some of his players.

'No.  I don't feel that they let me down or something.  I am responsible for the line up.  I saw them training and thought 'that's the line up'.  Today not many of the players who didn't play could have played.

'As I said I'm responsible for the bad things and responsible for the good things - today was obviously not good so it is my responsibility.

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