Loris Karius was suffering concussion in Champions League final

Loris Karius was suffering from concussion during the Champions League Final in Kiev.

That is the conclusion of doctors in Massachusetts, Boston after the player underwent tests last week.

Sergio Ramos' elbow collided with the Liverpool keeper in the 49th minute of the game with the scores at 0-0.  The reds keeper attempted to attract one of the five officials attention at the time but play continued.

Within two minutes, the reds keeper attempted a risky throw which Benzema easily dispatched into the net to give the reds the lead.

Later in the game, Karius failed to clear a shot from outside the area by Gareth Bale with the scoreline at 2-1 to Madrid.

The Liverpool keeper was visibly distressed at the end of the game and posted apologies to social media the following day.

The keeper then went on holiday to the US but Liverpool medical staff expressed their concerns and ordered the player to attend scans whilst on holiday last week.

Dr Ross Zafonte, of the Massachusetts General Hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, who was tasked with carrying out tests on the German keeper concluded that the effects of the clash would have been felt immediately by the player and he would have suffered with "visual spatial dysfunction".

According to the Telegraph, Dr Zafonte is one of the leading figures in the US in relation to head trauma suffered by players in the NFL.

The doctors however did not pinpoint when and how the player suffered concussion.

They say he has shown steady improvement in recovery in the days following the game and that he won't suffer any long term consequences.

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Loris Karius was suffering concussion in Champions League final

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