Paris police laughed as they threw tear-gas at 20,000 Liverpool fans forced through 70cm gap

More astonishing stories are emerging from the outrageous Paris police handling of the Champions League final.

20,000 Liverpool fans were forced under a motorway underpass to the south side of the Stade de France towards the stadium.  Underneath the concrete structure, French police had arranged four police vans diagonally placed to force these 20,000 supporters through a 70-90 cm gap - enough to turn sideways one by one or just about squeeze through a wheelchair.

Whilst moving through this gap, police sitting in the vans laughed while using tear gas grenades, according to reports.

Some fans decided that enough was enough and clambered away from the scene back toward central Paris despite having paid up to £515 for a ticket.

Roman Kemp, son of former Spandau Ballet front man Martin Kemp, described his experience of the frightening experience heading to the stadium two hours before kick off.

The French government have continued with their ridiculous spin suggesting there were 50,000 fake tickets however Liverpool FC have already questioned this.

Footage has also emerged of young Liverpool supporters right next to the pitch suffering from the effects of tear gas.

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