VIDEO: Agger ‘injury’ explained (RedMen)

The Redmen TV channel look carefully, and analytically, at the injury facing Daniel Agger.

See more of their videos on their official Youtube Channel – WeAreTheRedmen

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VIDEO: Agger ‘injury’ explained (RedMen)

  1. well done, being a cunning linguist myself I am sure there are some errors in the translation (as I am fluent in elvish (or is it elvis) as I wasnt sure If it was “Lord of the rings” or G.I. Blues I saw the last time I went to the “flicks” 😉
    would love to tell you in serbian what I think about “woy” ,,but i think just showing that pontius pilate sketch from “life of brian” does the trick. i am sure you clever lads could do wonders with that “uncle woy” (pilate) and broughton (bicus ..dikus)?;)

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