VIDEO: Tom Hicks Epic Swindle World Exclusive

The Redmen TV Independent TV channel have managed to trump Sky Sports by gaining access to the inner sanctum of Tom Hicks.

Enjoy this (parody) but disturbingly accurate video. (Some language, and the sight of Tom Hicks may not be safe for work).

See more of their videos on their official Youtube Channel – WeAreTheRedmen

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VIDEO: Tom Hicks Epic Swindle World Exclusive

  1. the interview was a disgrace that Tom hicks put oout on sky sports, everything he said was a total load of crap, this Tom hicks guy was and is a joke. i hope he dies and his family do too, they have had nothing but bad running through his body..
    this guy was the worst thing to ever happen to lfc, die hicks die…

  2. Mix a few words about and then add it to the Sex pistols “Rock n Roll Swindle” , and it would make a great backing track lol. Joking aside i’m glad that they are gone!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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