VIDEO: You’ll Never Walk Alone (Film Short)

Many thanks to Brandon Schlepp, a Liverpool fan and budding film-maker for emailing us asking to post his latest short film.

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VIDEO: You’ll Never Walk Alone (Film Short)

  1. what we found out last nite is that however has bigged johnjoy shelvey up is a joke. this guy seems to think that being in the middle of the pitch means not running, yes he might have done ok, but he had his chance to impress and he does nothing at all to write home about?
    pachecho was dreadfull and yet we hear whinge whinge about not getting games, well its no wounder when his passing and running are so poor… wilson looks avergae at best to me, these guys might be okay, BUT WE DONT HAVE TIME

  2. breaking news, this is nailed on;

    roy hodgson is going this month.

    great news, and its been too long in coming…… first thing nesv have done….. great news……

  3. Excellent video Brandon. You’ll Never Walk Alone always makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, it brings with it so many wonderful memories for me.

  4. My Grandson made this short film. Since he has taken interest in Soccer (football) we have been bitten by the “bug” as well. Great game, alot of excitement. We are very proud of him, and hope this film will be enjoyed by many football fans around the world. Thank you for posting this video for him! YNWA!!!!!

  5. Watching the kop makes me want champions league again. It also makes me remember turning up to a game knowing we’d win..not that dribble we put up with now. Awesome piece of work tho, shame we didn’t see more of the reds but never the less great little video

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