VIDEO: Blackburn 3-1 LFC (Uncensored fan responses)

The Redman are back with their uncompromising review on the abysmal defeat (again) this time at Blackburn Rovers.

P 20 W7 D4 L8. Enough said (again).

The following contains some strong language.

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VIDEO: Blackburn 3-1 LFC (Uncensored fan responses)

  1. buttom line, until a manager comes with plan and a then transfer budget with people around him, we are finished.
    No club is being run like ours at the moment, we must recover;
    1, leadership
    2, investment
    3, future progress by clear plans set out as vision.

    my best set up would be if he interviewd well;

    Rijkaard and kenny with and assistant.
    new players and yes we need a few;
    ideal world ould be coentrao, cissokho, aureo, suarez,and young

  2. Fans and the press are all pointing the finger at Roy and the players and nobody is looking beyond them and I mean the back room staff, in particular SAMMY LEE !!!!! This was Roy’s first and biggest mistake, to keep Sammy Lee as trainer. The last half of last season the team where playing like a bunch of strangers, and this has continued this season. Prior to the Wolves game they had 18 days of preparation and training, Sammy Lee is the one person who is responsible for training and coaching them for the next game. So lets not just aim our frustration at Roy, let’s start to think about thing’s and SAMMY LEE is just as much responsible for the poor performances this (and last) season.

  3. Maybe we should bombard them with emails asking them to pull there finger out of their Arse and Sack Roy Hodgson

    Do you think that we should get the Porto Manager AndrĂ© Villas-Boas he bloody brill his team are 8 points clear atop their League –
    Pnts ply W D L F A
    1 FC Porto 38 14 12 2 0 32 5
    2 Benfica 30 14 10 0 4 27 14

    Time to go Roy & take Ngog & babel and Johnson shite with you

  4. This now is just a total disgrace,, its been all day and all the club can do is nothing…

    Liverpool are making hard work for themselves…………..

    Have we not had enough,,, we had the 3 years with Hikcs and that other clown,,, and now we have a manager who seems to be unsackable….

    We have no leadership, no c.e.o and a manager who has been the worst in our history and who has not won a thing………….

    enough is enough.

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