Everton 1-0 Liverpool aet

FA Cup 4th Round Replay
Wednesday 04 February 2009 - 8:10 pm
Goodison Park
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FA Cup 4th Round Replay
Wednesday 4th February 2009, 8.10pm
Goodison Park

Everton eventually got the better of a Liverpool side reduced to ten men, with a goal in the final moments of extra time in the FA Cup 4th round replay.  After 2 draws in the last couple of weeks the expectancy was for another tight game.  Gerrard and Torres both started, which raised an eyebrow amongst some – me included, as the expectation of 120 minutes of football was high on my mind.

Aurelio was out of the squad and Dossena replaced him, and Lucas replaced Mascherano in the middle of the park.  The suggestion before the game was that as Mascherano and Gerrard were both one card away from suspension losing them both for a league game was a distinct possibility.

In any case Liverpool started brightly in terms of possession and while we were expecting Everton to be a bit more expansive than at Anfield they stuck to their defensive guns for most of the first half of the game.

On the 15 minute mark though it became evident that Gerrard was struggling, clutching his hamstring and he asked to be withdrawn.  Benayoun was sent on with Kuyt moving more centrally and the Everton fans roared a standing ovation at Gerrard’s injury.  Yossi got in to the game relatively quickly although couldn’t get the final ball through a packed Everton backline.  Osman launched a shot over the bar, but the first half was one of wasteful Liverpool set pieces – Xabi Alonso and Andrea Dossena two of the reds main culprits – overhitting free kicks, crosses, corners left right and centre.

Pienaar was handing out rough justice to any passing Liverpool player and Cahill was booked for an elbow on Carragher.  There was little sympathy when eventually Pienaar landed himself a yellow card, and his very next challenge resulted in him requiring treatment.

At the start of the second half, the Everton ‘sock robbers’ will have thought all their Christmases had come at once when they were treated to a free sock event from the Liverpool fans – but on the pitch the reds were still in charge.  Kuyt fired a header but couldn’t get the required power, and both he and Torres got in excellent positions only to see their shots blocked.

In the 70th minute Everton got their first shot on target, when a decent move by Cahill left Osman a banker to score but he hit the post and the reds breathed a sigh of relief.

In the 76th minute Liverpool’s gameplan fell apart when the reds second central midfielder left the pitch.  This time there would be no sub coming on – as Leiva was sent off for two yellow cards.  Overall harsh on the player to be dismissed looking at both challenges, but these things happen.

Riera was taken off and Mascherano brought on but Everton sensed their chance to make the most of their advantage.

Torres had looked like he was struggling all game, but was left on  – but the reds had no real outlet so were under constant pressure, although the defence held resolute.

The game wore on in to extra time and Everton were getting closer. Babel was sent on for Torres but despite some enterprise didn’t really see enough of the ball.  With 2 minutes left to go 19 year old Dan Gosling got the shot in, and after taking two grazing deflections, which unfortunately didn’t alter the eventual target of the shot sneaked past Reina in the reds goal.  Everton celebrated and 19 year old Gosling got the match ball in a game that will mark him down in Everton folklore.

It’s been a battling three games but it will be Everton who progress to the 5th round of the FA Cup with Aston Villa their opponents.

Liverpool have to dust down their injuries and get back to the title charge and look ahead to two games against Real Madrid.


Liverpool: Reina, Dossena, Carragher, Skrtel, Arbeloa, Kuyt, Alonso, Gerrard (Benayoun 16), Leiva Lucas, Riera (Mascherano 80), Torres (Babel 101).

Subs Not Used: Cavalieri, Hyypia, Agger, El Zhar.

Sent Off: Leiva Lucas (76).

Booked: Leiva Lucas, Alonso.

Everton: Howard, Hibbert, Jagielka, Lescott, Baines, Osman, Fellaini (Gosling 52), Neville (Van der Meyde 106), Arteta, Pienaar (Rodwell 60), Cahill.

Subs Not Used: Nash, Yobo, Castillo, Jacobsen.

Booked: Cahill, Pienaar, Neville, Arteta, Hibbert.

Goals: Gosling 118.

Att: 37,918

Ref: Alan Wiley (Staffordshire).

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Everton 1-0 Liverpool aet

  1. Knowledge and boredom are two different things!.I’ve been supporting L’pool as a kid and this is possibly one of the most boring teams to date!.I don’t expect us to win every game but the thing is that we’re not creative and don’t look like scoring too many goal’s whatsoever!.
    Champ’s are always the yardstick by which other’s should be judged by so tell me how many of our player’s will get into the Manc’s team??

    When are we gonna accept that Rafa is not the answer though credit to him for winning the Spanish league with Valencia but the Premiership is a different kettle of fish where often attack is the best form of defence.

    Rafa is not a “bad” coach but a very negative one…this “impressive” man is indeed responsible for signing trash like Kuyt,Lucas etc etc in the first place who you say he has since coached so well!!!!Purchased Kuyt as a forward but he didn’t score goals so turned him into a useless winger!.Like one Jermaine Pennant i mostly don’t understand Benitez either!

    Yes we defeated the Manc’s minus our two leading players but have also had our share of luck throughout the season. One win without Stevie and Torres doesn’t make us brilliant in my book!.

    Kenny has won the league with Liverpool and Blackburn not forgetting that the man is a legend.He struggled at Newcastle but then everyone does so i feel that it could be the correct time for the king to return if guy’s like Hiddink and Mourinho are unavailable.The game has greatly changed since the early 1990’s so the league table’s of then and now can’t possibly be compared anymore then Maradona and Kaka!!

    Rafa is a good tactician in Europe but mostly terrible in the transfer market,sooner or later every LFC fan will accept it but until theni’ll keep supporting the lad’s on field whilst having a go at the gaffer for his negative tactics.

  2. OH forgot to say that the lad who scored the winner is a great player and i have heard he is a boyhood red.
    go and get him Rafa?
    Ha Ha Ha
    Like Torres my head has gone down and only a good win against Play up Pompy will put a smile back on my boat race.

  3. The objects thrown on to the side line were socks filled with cloth. Its to do with the blue s—– going to kirkby and nothing harmfull unlike the angry horrible blue noses givin us loads of abuse not to mention the spitting and verbal attacks to our players.
    Glad its over now and can look forward to the rest of our season. Champions league and league????
    But i have not got confidence that we can score enough goals ??
    cant see us getting many!
    Oh! Moyes said he was hoping to get the rub of the green. Well he got more than that off the ref and thier crowd even had the cheek to boo the ref off at half time.
    They wanted the ref to put on a blue strip at half time which he declined but did promise to do his best to see them through to the next round.
    Well done and many thanks ref Moyes said it was like winning the final!
    Moyes- you get a cup when you win a final ???
    Wheres your trophy?

  4. So Jan, Xabi has one mediocre game and should be swapped. He is without doubt one of our most important players and a player that is going to help win this title

  5. I think we need to be careful when we go slating Rafa in the way that we do. OK results of late have been mixed to say the least, but we have genuinely got a team that is capable of beating anyone in both domestic and european competition. Could we have said that about any of our teams from the last 20 years? Would the title winning side of 1989-90 been able to beat the all conquering AC Milan side of the same era? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to put Rafa on a pedestal and belittle our achievements of the past but you have to put them into context.

    Rafa is a truly world class coach. When people suggest that the champions league win in 2005 was a fluke, they forget to take into account that we reached the final again in 2007 and were knocked out narrowly in the semi’s last season. That’s two champions league final appearances in the space of three seasons. Compare that to Man Utd who have made 2 in 16 years.

    Another thing that annoys me is when people suggest that it was Houllier’s team that won the champions league in 2005. Well firstly, Houllier never signed Alonso or Luis Garcia, and for those people with short memories those two players played a key role in winning that competition. I’ll let the detractors try and work out the contribution of these two players for themselves if they can remember. In addition, if Houllier built such a great team, why did he never win the champions league himself? This is the same Gerrard Houllier assembled team that was termed ‘the worst in living memory’ by Ian St John in 2003-04.

    Finally a word about money. Yes Rafa has spent a lot of money, but the net spend has not been anywhere near to the likes of Chelsea or Manchester United or even Tottenham (who have spent close to £50m in this window) for that matter. The reason we’ve ended up with some average players is becuase we haven’t been able to afford our targets. We wanted Daniel Alves and got Pennant instead. Rafa fancied Berbatov but ended up with Morientes (who nobody complained about at the time) Rafa tried to get Vidic, but Utd offered more money. I’m sure he’d go for David Villa if the money was there. Generally, with the exclusion of Robbie Keane, when Rafa has spent decent money, he’s signed top players. Alonso, Reina, Torres, Mascherano. Can anyone argue that these are not world class players?

    When Rafa has gambled and spent more modest sums, it sometimes hasn’t worked out, but he’s also made some incredible bargains. Arbeloa only cost £3m Compare this to the £10m spurs paid for Gareth Bale. Riera only cost £8m. Again how does this compare to the £14m Spurs have just paid for Wilson Palacios? Have people forgotten that Ferguson paid £28m for Veron, or the £8m he wasted on Forlan. How about the 4.5m wasted on Massimo Taibi 10 years ago, or even the £17m wasted on Owen Hargreaves?

    Lets get behind the boss, he’s doing fine.

  6. Could someone phone Everton and ask if we could buy Dan Gosling? Or maybe swop him for Alonso and two tubes of Smarties? I crave the old days when Liverpool were special because we had heart.

  7. Imran,

    Some of the players you mention are indeed not Liverpool class. Which makes Rafa’s coaching skills even more impressive.

    This time last year we were 17 points off the leaders. Today we are 2 points away. You state our reliance on Torres and Gerrard but we beat United without the pair of them and for the majority of the season we have been without Torres and had a misfiring Keane but managed to get ourselves to the top of the league.

    If you’re falling asleep on the couch when watching Liverpool games then your knowledge of Liverpool’s performances will be slightly impaired, no?

    Interesting you mention Dalglish though. In 1990 – the last year we won the league at this stage we had 49 points from 25 games. Now we have 51 points from 24. So – maybe he could do worse?

  8. i think rafa should have sold lucas of in the january transfer window
    he cost liverpool two games in three matches wigan with penalty and everton with a red card

  9. True about Lucas. I hope Stevie gets fit soon and it doesn`t turn into one of those injuries that lasts forever, some of our other big name players will have to step up and show some guts determination and leadership, you could see Torres lose heart in the game after Gerrard went off.
    I dont know what its like for you reds that actually live in Liverpool (i`m from Peterborough)(where)(look back to 1990 something, Peterborough knocked LFC out of the cup. That was a bad night for me) But I hope Everton go on to win it. It is great to see a sea of red and a loan blue bobble hat and scarfe in amongst it and visa versa. I dont think that could happen in any other grounds. The throwing objects on the pitch didn`t look so good though, even if they were soft squidgy things, the bottle and coins weren`t. Any way, When is Insua back, Dossena still looks a bit dodgy

  10. I also agree about Lucas he’s let liverpool down twice now in the past week but the fact is he’s just not that good of a player and not nearly good enough for a place in this team. If Keane wasnt up to the job of playing for liverpool then surely Lucas isnt up 2 it either. I thought benayoun put in a good all round performance last night and id maybe like 2 see if he could play the second striker role in behind torres on saturday he could fill the gap left by gerrad for the time being and the game on saturday would be an ideal time 2 try it

  11. admit it…without even trying to say that it’s easy in hindsight, how many of you thought that Lucas was a dead cert to be sent off? I hate to slate our players off too but all the blues I have reluctantly spoken to today all said they were made up when they saw Lucas’ name on the teamsheet. Spearing is better. Why did it take the gaffer soooo long to change Torres, he was shattered.
    I know you’re all reluctant to say it but let’s be honest now, who thinks that Rafa’s decisions alone have lost us points this season?

  12. I could go on and on but will keep it as short as possible.We’re dreadful and so boring to watch that i often end up snoring on the couch!!.Kuyt,Benayoun,Aurelio,Dossana,Babel and Lucas are not Liverpool class so let’s stop forcing square plug’s into round holes.Those who think Rafa will win us the title are living in cuckooland because at best we’re a two man team.We’re absolutely useless without Torres and especially Gerard so let’s stop kidding ourselves!

    Even if we give Rafa £100 million more he’ll waste on garbage players still let’s give him until the end of the season and if we win nothing then he should walk as he’s been given both financial backing and time.He’s even more negative then Houllier and that’s saying something!.People who attend LFC matches and spend money on buying club merchandise are entitled to express their view’s so don’t tell me the meaning of our anthem for sentiment as little place in football.If we can find no replacement for Rafa then bring back Dalglish,he can’t do any worse and fan’s can clearly understand his comments unlike Rafa’s constant “Okay we have possibilties” rubbish!

  13. I agree with the comment above about Lucas. Kev is also right about Luis Garcia, he was always a player for the big occasion, he should never have been allowed to leave.

  14. Lets all be disappointed that we lost and then get over it. Last nights game was awful and in fairness neither team played particularly well. It was going to be understandably difficult without Gerrard and then going down to 10 men, so the odds were stacked against us and I guess you could say it wasn’t meant to be.

    On a more displeasing note, I hate to get on the backs of our players too much, but once again Lucas has proven to be a liability for us. Usually when one single player costs you a game it’s often down to a bad goalkeeping error or defensive mistake. It’s rare that any one of your own players increases your chances of defeat, but I’m sorry to say that that’s how I feel when Lucas is on the pitch. If we’re gonna stack our squad with players like Lucas then why on earth did we ever sell sissoko? I trust Rafa but releasing players like Danny Murphy and Luis Garcia seems foolish if they’re to be replaced by players like Lucas.

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