Leeds 0-1 Liverpool

League Cup 3rd Round
Tuesday 22 September 2009 - 7:45 pm
Elland Road
Leeds United0
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41' Kyrgiakos
65'NGog ⚽️
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Liverpool made the trip up to Elland Road for the first time in more than five years to take on a Leeds United side who have started their season very well. Top of League 1 and unbeaten in the league, this could have been a plethora of banana skins for Liverpool’s squad players.

But that wasn’t to be. And one squad player for the reds was to make certain of that.

A lot of people will say this competition doesn’t hold much weight. But you have to think silverware and obviously the reds want to win anything they compete for. Add to the fact that this competition gives a valuable chance for the fringe players to show what they can do against tough, tricky opposition, then it really is very important. Both for players’ experience and confidence amongst the squad when they’re called upon.

The game started off at a high tempo and the expected determined attitude from the Leeds players was there to see. There was plenty of atmosphere as the Leeds fans were witnessing a Premiership club in attendance for the first time since May 2004. Liverpool tried to get into some sort of control but the final ball seemed to be lacking. And in turn this invited pressure.

On 11 minutes, Snodgrass found himself unmarked in the Liverpool box with a free header but his attempt on goal went wide. It was certainly a let off for the Liverpool defence. But the warning wasn’t taken on board and moments later Leeds had a goal disallowed.

Beckford was deemed offside when some poor Liverpool defending led to the Leeds player only needing Cavalieri to beat just yards away from the goal line. Certainly a talking point but these decisions will always come and go around.

Liverpool knew they had to start to get a grip on the game after this and we did start to pass the ball with a bit more accuracy and intention. But with lone striker Ngog up front, he was often found wanting when the final ball didn’t arrive with such quality.

On 30 minutes, Babel took it upon himself to inject some pace into our attack and went on a brilliant run into the Leeds box. But again, that final bit of quality wasn’t there when he cheaply shot towards goal and the Leeds keeper saved with ease.

It was looking like one of those nights where you start to wonder where the goal will come from. But Ngog was trying his best, even though he found himself with his back to goal, competing with tough defenders, on more than a few occasions.

Add to that the vulnerability Liverpool showed down our left side when Dossena once again displayed that he’s not best used as a defender. And Riera drifting in and out of the game ahead of him. This gave Leeds a focus point to attack in the first half.

But it was Riera who was to give Leeds a reminder that you can’t take anything for granted when Aurelio is taking free kicks. On 44 minutes Aurelio whipped in a superb free kick into the Leeds box which Riera rose to meet the ball but it unfortunately fired directly at the Leeds keeper for him to stop it.

The second half kicked off and it seemed to take on the same flow as the first half. Leeds looking dangerous on the counter attack and Liverpool trying to press but with no real venomous threat.

On 54 minutes Beckford raced onto a long ball but failed to beat the confident Liverpool keeper Cavalieri. Beckford once again threatened on 63 minutes but shot just wide.

But the deadlock was broken minutes later thanks to a superb determined David Ngog turn and shot.

He shoots, he scores!

He shoots, he scores!

On 65 minutes Mascherano picks up the ball just yards outside the Leeds box and unleashes a mis-hit shot from his shin. David Ngog is in the line of fire but takes the ball under control with ease. He turns his defender in a flash and before you know it, the ball is in the back of the net and he’s celebrating his well deserved goal.

Ngog celebrates his winner against Leeds

Ngog celebrates his winner against Leeds

After Ngog’s goal, Liverpool started to gain more confidence and had more control of the game. Leeds did try to press as they had done before but players like Babel, Spearing and Mascherano really started to influence the game more.

Another talking point of the game was when Mascherano seemingly appeared to swing out at a Leeds player. Of course, Mascherano has eyes in the back of his head and football isn’t a mans game anymore is it?

Johnson and Gerrard were later called upon to give Leeds some food for thought. Fernando Torres was even ready to come on with five minutes left but the Liverpool striker was sent back to the bench as Liverpool had full control in the dying minutes.

All in all, Leeds didn’t take their chances. Regardless of any decisions that could of easily gone either way. What mattered most was the sublime finishing of young Liverpool striker David Ngog to put Liverpool in the next round of the League Cup.

Post Match Comments

Rafa Benitez

‘It was a good game. They had some chances, we had some chances. At the end we won with a lot of players who haven’t been playing.

It is a difficult stadium to come to. They’ve won many games in a row. In these types of games it is very important to keep the mentality and character.

I am really pleased with my team, with my squad. We showed we can manage with different players. For the rest of the season it is important to know you have players who can come in and perform.

It was a great goal. He showed quality. He is a player with quality who has very good movement, but also here he was fighting against a big lad. It’s very positive for him and for the team.

As I said before, players who aren’t normally playing showed character and quality.’

Teams and Stats

Liverpool: Cavalieri, Dossena, Carragher (captain), Kyrgiakos, Degen, (Johnson 71) Aurelio, Spearing, Mascherano, Riera, Babel, (Skrtel 90) Ngog (Gerrard 78).

Unused Subs –  Torres, Plessis, Voronin, Reina

Goals: David N’gog 65

Leeds United: Higgs, Hughes, (Kilkenny 78) Kisnorbo, Michalik, Crowe, Johnson, Doyle, (Showunmi 88) Howson (captain), Snodgrass, Beckford, Becchio (Grella 81).

Unused Subs – Ankergen, Naylor, Prutton, Robinson,

Referee: Alan Wiley

Conditions: Mild

Attendance: 38,168

13 comments on
Leeds 0-1 Liverpool

  1. You’re welcome.

    Based on that performance last night I would hope we can retain a few of the glory-seekers who come out in force last night. If not then it will be around 22K which is still fantastic for a League One game against the mighty Carlisle.

    I think you missed my point – whether it was your full first team or a second team with a smattering of first teamers, you were still outplayed and your report is very biased and blazee, particulary around the clear injustices of poor refereeing decisions.

    Personally, I would be worried if that was my backup players for a so-called top four team – they didn’t look capable of a step up into the premiership apart from maybe Spearing and Ngog who were both excellet – albeit still not as effective as Robert Snodgrass.

    Good luck for the rest of the season and we’ll see you again in two years time 🙂

    • I think you miss the point. It’s no good going on about bad luck and poor refereeing decisions. You didn’t do enough to beat us and that is final. We had a second string side out and you were playing at home with over 30 thousand behind you and a strong side and still couldn’t beat us. End of. True it was a gallant effort from Leeds and yes some of the refeering was poor, but is that all you were relying on to have a go at us? Good luck and a refs decision going your way? If some of your boys could hit a cows arse with a banjo then you might just have had a goal. You say Snodgrass was more effective than Ngog, but who found the back of the net? If I were you I’d be the worried one, becuase with players like that we won’t be seeing you back in the prem anytime soon.

        • rob… its hear hear not here here, that refers to a place…… this stupid language of ours……. Very entertaining exchange though lads…. I`m not sure united was watching the same game as me, yes they had a few chances but nothing that looked like it would actually find the goal and we looked as though we could turn up the heat if we really needed to….

  2. Outplayed? More goal attempts, more corners, more possession for the reds hardly suggests they were ‘outplayed’. Oh yeah and the one statistic that really matters is that Ngog’s goal stood and the one Leeds got didn’t so by my reckoning that means we win. Leeds are a championship team, sorry a lge 1 team for a reason. Basically becuase they’re a bullshit club run by bullshit people. This was a cup final for Leeds, whereas it represented a run-out for many of our bench-warmers. So get over it.

    • Hmmmm – touched a never did I?

      Please do not offend my club like that as I have nothing but respect for Liverpool and did not make offensive remarks – try growing up before posting again.

      And no, it was not a cup final at all for the 20K+ regulars who will be there against Carlisle next Tuesday – the game against MK Dons is FAR more important – this was just a chance to have a fun night.

      Maybe it was improtant to those glory hunters who turn up once a season for the play-offs, but not for the majority of true Leeds fans who realise that the only thing that matters full-stop is promotion.

      • ‘touched a never’ ? I don’t even know what that means, but I do know we weren’t outplayed and deserved to win. As for growing up, well you were the one that suggested that we will need ‘good luck’ if this is our ‘back up’. The same back up that went last season never losing a home lge match, scoring more goals than any other team in the premier league and humbling the mancs twice, once with an absolute pasting in their own back yard. Yeah I think we need loads of luck don’t you. Confine your sour grapes to a forum that aprreciates it, cos frankly nobody on hear gives a shit.

  3. What a load of tosh.

    The fact is you were outplayed by a League One team who created the better chances and had very poor decisions that robbed them of a deserved victory.

    Good luck to you but if this is your back up – you will need it.

    PS – Att was 38K, not 36K.

    • Nice one on the attendance. I look forward to seeing what it is when you play Carlisle next week.

      Leeds played well against a second string Liverpool team (apart from 2 first XI we had).

    • Sometimes you get a bit of luck ” You should know all about that from sunday !!! 7mins extra time to score a bloody goal is a disgrace.

      I can write tones of games were u mancs have been outplayed only to scrape a lucky victory or get one more decisions your way so don’t come on here givin it the biggen !
      The truth is lad we took our chance they didn’t , end-of !

      Anyway shouldn’t you be making the long trip up to manchester ? got a long way to go so you better get movin ( that is if you actually go to a match! )

      • My bad your a leeds fan arnt ya ? well in my defense you should get a better name on here than just united ( like red rag to a bull with me ! )

        Ye ill agree that goal u scored should have stood in all fairness but on the level of play id have said 1-1 would have been fair because we had enough chances to score, id probably say you had two of the best chances of the game so should rue those you missed.

        Things went for us and not for you. But this was a game for leeds ‘ at home ” , ” unbeaten and in form ” , ” with a full house” , and you were playing a liverpool side with only three first team starters in the side so this was not david vs goliath as allot of the pundits ext would have you believe and aside from the bad luck you had the chances to win but didn’t take them.

  4. well done david we need you to be a regular we can count on the more options we have the better. not really impressive but a win and a clean sheet.

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