Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool

Premier League
Sunday 04 October 2009 - 4:00 pm
Stamford Bridge
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76' Gerrard
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Yossi fires wide late on, summing up Liverpool's misfortune

Yossi fires wide late on, summing up Liverpool's misfortune

Liverpool were defeated by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge after two second half goals took them back to the top of the table.

Liverpool’s players improved hugely on the midweek performance and up to the hour mark were arguably looking the most composed team down in London.

In the 60th minute the game turned though when Mascherano conceded possession and a fluid Chelsea move saw Anelka fire past Reina from inside the box.

The reds desperately tried to get something out the game but with the team going all out for attack the back door was left open – and Chelsea made sure of the points when Malouda grabbed an injury time second to add insult to injury.

Torres and Gerrard were among the more lethargic of Liverpool’s players – the reds continued to be poor with the ball at set-pieces.  Corners continue to be poorly executed.

Stamford Bridge is never an easy place for Liverpool to travel to and Chelsea have exacted some revenge for last years Liverpool Premier League double over them.

Still 90 points to play for.

Post Match Comments

Rafael Benitez

“It is too early. It is a long race and we must keep going. We are playing good football and creating chances.

“We are doing the things that you need to do. But when you have chances, you must score with them.”

“The defence was much better. There were just one or two things (wrong) and we paid for them.

“We played a good game against a good team but if you make mistakes against them, they will score. The game plan was good, but top-class players make the difference.”

“You will see the top sides losing more points against any team. That’s good for the Premier League, for the competition, but it means we have to keep going. We can’t think about three defeats.

“We drew a lot of games last season. We lost just two but people were telling me about the draws. Now we’re winning more and losing a few but maybe we’ll have more points.”

Teams and Match Stats

Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Skrtel, Carragher, Insua (Aurelio 83), Leiva (Babel 76), Mascherano, Kuyt, Gerrard, Riera (Benayoun 67), Torres

Unused subs: Cavalieri, Agger, Kyrgiakos, Ngog

Chelsea: Hilario, Ivanovic, Carvalho, Terry, A. Cole, Ballack, Essien, Lampard, Deco (Malouda 76), Drogba, Anelka

Unused subs: Turnbull, Belletti, J. Cole, Zhirkov, Kalou, Sturridge

Goals: Anelka (60), Malouda (90)

Referee: Martin Atkinson

Attendance: 41,732

Our Man of the Match

Despite being at fault for Chelsea’ first goal which changed the game, Javier Mascherano had a good game after some indifferent early season form.

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Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool

  1. I’m actually quite shocked at some of the negativity on here. Stamford Bridge is a noriously difficult place to go and win. We were the first team to do it in 80 odd games, and I can’t recall Chelsea losing too many there since. We didn’t create too much, but then not many teams do against Chelsea. Even the perceived brilliance of the Barcelona attack struggled to prise open the Chelsea back four at the bridge last season. Few would argue that the current Barca side is one of the most sublime attacking units around.

    That said, we actually had one or two good chances to score last night. Torres and Benayoun were guilty of missing good chances and I felt we were harshly denied a penalty in the first half. In the PL it is immensly important to score first. We did it at the bridge last season (with a very fortunate goal) and hung on. If we’d have got that pen, I believe the outcome would have been different. Afterall, Liverpool under Benitez have an awesome record of winning when they score first.

    The other thing I think is worth mentioning, is that, in comparison to the manner in which Spurs surrendered here a few weeks ago, we actually looked like we might trouble Chelsea and controlled large parts of the game. Some may respond to this by saying ‘I don’t care about Spurs or anyone else’ or ‘but we’re Liverpool’ but just think about something. We should be bothered about Spurs (and others) becuase they’ve emerged as a challenger for a slot in the top 4. Secondly, the only difference between ourselves and the north London club right now is our illustrious history. In the 5 years since Rafa joined us, Spurs have spent more than us, and they currently rank as a club capable of spending more than we can. Some have mentioned how Rafa has had money and time and this is true, but what is the altenative. Change the manager regularly and lavish someone new with more money? Spurs have largely taken this approach and have gotten nowhere, neither have Newcastle. Chelsea’s return of major trophies is disapointing considering the level of investment made. They too have chopped and changed season upon season. The strides forward we have made since Houllier left, and lets be honest we’re better now than we ever were then, are largely becuase of Rafa’s ability to coach, set up his team and win the tactical battles. We’d be worse off without him.

  2. That was funny! that shot from Riera that embarrassed Hilario from a long range showed the players that they should shoot, and how many shots have we had on target? One from Gerrard by the end of the match and a weak header from Torres!!!

    We didn’t create any chance, we were defending all the time, and I didn’t like that.

    Does anyone agree with me that “the best way to defend is to attack?”

    This is to Yossi “although you scored hat-trick this season, but you really should listen to Rafa saying: “the goalkeeper isn’t a monster!”, you should work hard on your bravery!

  3. Looked second best in all areas yesterday although we contained Chelsea we created almost zero in attack , it really is worrying that with only a fraction of the season gone we already look out of the title race I hate to say it but I think we will have a battle just to qualify for the champions league .

  4. What a set back this result is too our chances of winning the EPL.
    Rafa has lost his marbles & lost his way at LFC.
    After 5 years & £200+ million in the transfer market we are the laughing stock of the EPL.
    I reakon we will not finish in the top 4 this year & it will be down hill fast from there.
    Why does he insist on playing Lucas, time and time again. He will not admit defeat on this one and move on. Its time Spearing or Plesis got a chance. We have the bragging rights to say that we have signed the only brazilion in world football who cannot pass, header or tackle.
    Once Alonso was sold, we should have bought a world class forward and released Gerrard to play in midfield.
    Babel has been our best player in recent weeks but Rafa still leaves him on the bench.
    I think Rafa suffers from Blinding loyalty to players who have always let him down. Think of Istanbul in 2005 & Kewell pops to mind on this one. Rafa did not win that final with tactical genesis, the injuries forced on him during the game ment he had to make changes & then the ganme changed. He lost the final in 2007 from suffering the same disease.

    I think its time he packed his bags and went. Sick of his ranting & raving. Be a man Rafa and take responsibility for your short comings.

  5. Certain people on this site who fail to see the difference between loyalty and stupidity will continue to defend Lucas even though he’s one of the worst players ever to play for Liverpool!.Fan’s will continue to believe that Rafa is a brilliant manager and the pundit’s will keep talking up our chances of doing the impossible by repeatedly forcing the Istanbul miracle down our throats!

    Riera is another one who just runs around but contributes very little to the game but i’m sure Rafa will keep insisting how wonderful he was despite his obvious limited ability!.We played better then against Fiorentina but produced very few clear cut chances somewhat unable to penetrate the final third of the park.Due to an obvious lack of strength on the bench the now very predictable changes were made of either or both Benayoun/Babel being bought on with the Israeli missing a sitter late on!!.Babel seems to be improving so it would be interesting to see both these boys being given a starting place afterall we can’t do any worse…

    Sorry folks but we’re not winning the league and probably not anything else this season either because we don’t have enough players to make a difference when it really matters unless Aquilani is a world beater like Cristiano Ronaldo was for the Mancs!.Apart from Torres,Gerrard,Reina,Mascherano and Benayoun the rest are at best journeymen who the other top three would never even look at so let’s stop kidding ourselves!.I’ve said it before that Rafa has now had both time and money so if he fails to deliver anything this season then he must walk because blind loyalty will get you nowhere in life!.His stubborness is responsible for the Alonso fiasco as well as his inability to sign another forward…

  6. I have to ask agian & again “Who’s Lucas” why is he in Liverpool shirt. Why’s he always in the starting eleven? What has he contribute to Liverpool football. As I mention before, Lucas against the mid-field of Chelsea? I’m right again, we lose again. Do you think we can still win the BPL? Yes, if Man U, Arsenal , Chelsea and even Man city, have to lose more game than us. Bye…. keep on dreaming, in our dream we will win the BPL……..

    • You seem to forget that during our 4-1 drubbing of Man Utd last season, arguably our best match last season, Lucas was playing in midfield in place of Alonso, and he played really well. So how did you come up with the opinion that Liverpool “will lose again” because Lucas is in midfield?
      Alright bye, see ya, will see you supporting Liverpool only when we win, glory hunting scum.

      • I agree with K.W, offer Lucas to any top BPL team. Ask Arsenal, Chelsea, ManU, Man City, Spur, Aston Villa , do thay want Lucas in their team??? Give other player to shine, why every week Lucas is in the starting line up. We have no other player better than Lucas??? Lucas is already given so many chances to prove. How much time, do we have to give him 1 yr , 2 yr 3yrs….. I hope I won’t have to wait too longer, to see Liverpool lift the BPL trophy. It hurt every year to see Man U get to hold on the title.

      • I am neither biased in pinpointing any players…but Liverpool should in every game take their chances much earlier! Our weak point is always the defense & midfield…and Benayoun should hv started instead of Rierra. Lucas is never in my pick list neither….its just that Liverpool had made a blunder in buying him. Now no one want to sign him neither…thats our problem!! Gerrard & Carragher is not on form ……so far yet!!! Hopefully…sooner than later!! Well just remember, LFC plays as a team…You’ll Never Walk Alone!!!

  7. well if torres and gerrad have poor games liverpool will lose for sure. chelsea wanted to impress abromovitch so thought the reds would lose. you never know in soccer if this hurts out title chances but our team is not as good as last year.

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