Birmingham 0-0 Liverpool

Premier League
Sunday 12 September 2010 - 4:00 pm
St Andrews
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Cameron Jerome Header just goes over the Crossbar Birmingham City 2010/11 Birmingham City V Liverpool (0-0) 12/09/10 The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Liverpool flopped to another disappointing performance as they escaped from Birmingham with a point.

Alex McLeish’s men were by far the better team as Pepe Reina, coming back from a difficult international friendly, proved once again why he has been the Premiership’s best keeper over the last few years.

It is worrying for Liverpool fans when the keeper is by far and away our best player on the pitch.

A debut was handed to Konchesky at left back, while Roy again opted for Poulsen and Lucas to partner each other in central midfield – strange after Poulsen’s disappointing Anfield start and made even more mystifying when Meireles’ later arrival sparked a bit of life in to Liverpool.

Fernando Torres cut a lonely figure as once again Steven Gerrard failed to provide any sort of link from midfield to attack.

Wing play for Liverpool was non existent, and the barrage of crosses that were allowed in from both wings will have Hodgson scratching his head about Johnson and Konchesky.

Strange, because Liverpool actually started quite brightly.  At least for the first ten minutes.  But as is usual Liverpool’s players were suddenly struck by an inane inferiority complex.  Witnessing Glen Johnson dive out of the way of challenging other players was dismal.  Maybe the pony tail is responsible for demasculating him?

The reds did have the occasional chance, but they were all pretty tame – unlike Birmingham were Reina pulled off at least three fantastic saves in the first half alone to keep Liverpool in the game.

Liverpool are in a mess.  The boardroom has been broke for a while.  The finances are broke.  Worst of all some of the players look broke.

It may have to get worse at Anfield before it gets better.

Fans who have witnessed the reds since Benitez took the club to 2nd place with 86 points will have noted the alarming decline in quality and also mental determination.  Hopefully, in the coming months a new regime may sweep through the club, and it may well take with it some of those names who believe they have a god given right to be named in the starting XI.

Following the game Roy Hodgson said he saw some ‘promising signs’.  We suggest he gets himself a new optician.

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Birmingham 0-0 Liverpool

  1. I’m writing from Canada. How times have changed. We are the MIGHTY LFC? Roy, I heard him during the interview, said he wasn’t thinking about a win, a draw was the best he could hope for. He added this was great because we didn’t lose. Amazing. Next he’ll say our major objective is Europa Cup qualification and if that fails, avoiding relegation. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

  2. well whats gone on so far is very disturbing we are looking like a mid table club. the stats are dismal 4 games 3 goals 12 shots on target. torres completely looking more like robbie keane. when are we going to score goals and win a game

  3. What else is there to say but another atrocious performance under Roy Hodgson. Redknapps remarks in regards to Torres are a pathetic attempt to divert the blame from our absolutely clueless manager. Negative tactics and a lack of creativity left Torres isolated up front by himself without any real service.
    In contrast to Birmingham who attacked at will down our left flank, we rarely looked like scoring. Thank God, Reina was in such good form. My only hope is that the return of Joe Cole n

  4. In fairness we were poor first half but much better in the second. Clearly since Alonso has left, Gerrard is less effective as a second striker as he struggles to be located with passes and must surely play next to Meireles in a 3 man midfield with Poulsen shielding. When we started to pop the ball around more quickly we looked much better. Konchesky had a decent debut and looks more solid than Aurelio or Insua. Roy will have more options when cole and Kuyt are available.

  5. Totally agree. Hodgson was laughable after saying he saw positives, I didn’t. Woeful performance and we deserved to have been beaten.

  6. Roy’s Liverpool seem worse then Rafa’s mob at this moment in time.Again we have no flair or creativity instead depend on Gerrard and Torres to bail us out..We began this match with such a defensive midfield against an average side so what chance do we have against Chelsea or Man Utd??

    Obviously we lack top class players but were playing Birmingham for heaven sake yet hardly created any chances which is a great concern.We’re incredibly boring to watch with the new boys looking average.

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