Man Utd 2-1 Liverpool

Premier League
Saturday 11 February 2012 - 12:45 pm
Old Trafford
Man Utd2
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A five minute spell at the start of the second half saw United score twice before Liverpool scored a consolation goal late on at Old Trafford.

Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez

The pre match hype was very much about Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra under the TV spotlights.  The ongoing needle between the two clubs even stretching to a few thousand copies of a Man Utd fanzine being seized by police for a potentially offensive image on its cover.

The pre-match handshake which was abandoned between QPR and Chelsea the other week did go ahead here and Luis Suarez failed to shake Evra’s hand, resulting in a snub from United’s Rio Ferdinand.  As events transpired, Liverpool were under the impression that the two players would shake hands and Suarez apologised to his manager, and the club criticised their player.

Back to the football and it was almost a dream start for the reds as Suarez was sent through, allowing Evra and Ferdinand to collide, but Suarez’ race to goal was denied.

Paul Scholes went close in the first half with a header from a Ryan Giggs cross, and at the other end Glen Johnson skipped through the United defence only to fire a left footed shot wide of the post.

There was allegedly a fracas at half time, with suggestions that Evra chased after Suarez – only to be blocked at the entrance of the home dressing room by Martin Skrtel.

United came out the second half the stronger and after Jose Enrique was unlucky to give away a corner, United capitalised.  Rooney smashing in the shot from the corner.

Just four minutes later and Jay Spearing lost possession of the ball in front of our penalty area.  Valencia who had an excellent game, found Rooney to score from close range.

Liverpool improved after their substitutions, with Bellamy, Carroll and Adam all coming on for Downing, Spearing and Kuyt.

A Charlie Adam free kick bounced off Rio Ferdinand, fast becoming one of United most dangerous players in their own box, and Luis Suarez was on hand to grab the reds goal.

It was all a little too late and the final whistle cued some over-the-top celebrations from Patrice Evra, who celebrated wildly in front of Luis Suarez.  The Uruguayan was unmoved as the referee moved in to calm the Frenchman.

Due to a combination of poor results from the other teams chasing 4th, the reds were fortunate to end the day the same number of points behind as they started.  Liverpool v United ends 2011/12 the same way it did 2010/11 with a win each and a draw.

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Man Utd 2-1 Liverpool

  1. Suarez frank anyway

    Luis Suarez has become “hot boy” in the football world by the strikers ignored the action started with defender Patrice Evra before the match Manchester United beat Liverpool 2-1 Saturday night 11-2.

    Nearly all critical comments are not nice behavior of Suarez and coach Alex Ferguson (Manchester United) has called the striker a “stigma” of Liverpool. On the forums is filled with words verbally scolded badly for him. And I have a different view and feel Suarez paradox is very straightforward, with an attitude of love and hate can clear out the surface. Although the behavior of the latter is too outspoken, but at least he was better than many people have pretended gentleman “brazenly laughing outside, inside the no-scalpel sinister murder.”

    I dare say that not by speculation, but the truth so clear between Evra and Suarez with great inherent discord in recent times. Starting from the Evra Suarez has denounced racist words, making the Uruguayan striker was suspended for eight games and new back lawn a week ago. Faced with the “enemy” as it is and if accepted Suarez started laughing provincial or butter as there was no rift with Evra is true strange, but the Liverpool striker was very human behavior is nothing to blame ?

    Suarez’s story made me think of the story “masks” about the “each of us must wear masks to life, communicating with people around but few who dare to use the true face to face your life. ” Suarez also is not afraid of public disparagement and not “masked” to please everyone, but dare to live with his true face. How many people, especially celebrities, dare to live with the true face as Suarez?

    Let’s revisit the story of midfielder Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) or defender John Terry (Chelsea) has lived a long time as the man best model, faithful, but not a “fire side protrude mouse “, it was found that these players very promiscuous and can say that lack of ethics. That may also make fans feel more frustrated.

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