United beat 10 man Liverpool at Anfield thanks to ropey penalty

Premier League
Sunday 23 September 2012 - 1:30 pm
2Man Utd
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Liverpool 1-2 Man Utd

Liverpool suffered at the hands of Mark Halsey who firstly sent off Jonjo Shelvey, denied Luis Suarez a stonewall penalty before handing Man United a penalty gift in an emotional day at Anfield.

The result, in the long term, may be forgotten as the first Anfield fixture since the Hillsborough panel report was published saw Anfield decked out in a tribute to the 96 supporters who lost their lives.

Liverpool dominated vast periods of the game, both before and after the first half sending off of Jonjo Shelvey.  Sadly though the same old story, as Liverpool failed to produce the killer touch - not surprising in a team with just two senior forward players after a massive squad reduction program enacted in the summer.

In the 39th minute Mark Halsey sent off Jonjo Shelvey for a lunge at Jonny Evans.  Evans however was not reprimanded - he himself having gone in two footed on Shelvey.  Shelvey had actually won the ball - so the decision not to punish Evans was even more extraordinary.

Nevertheless 10 man Liverpool came out in the second half firing on all cylinders and Steven Gerrard smashed Liverpool ahead within a minute of the restart.

Just five minutes later and Rafael fired a great strike to level proceedings.

In the 81st minute Agger and Johnson collided, Valencia ran through, Johnson chased back before Valencia went down like a pack of cards and Halsey pointed to the spot.

Liverpool hobbled through till the final whistle with just 9 men on the pitch after injury to Martin Kelly who limped off with a cruciate injury.

The reds are without a league win in their opening five games and sit in the relegation zone.  With limited number of strikers and mounting defensive injuries - the clubs strategists may be wondering just what they were thinking with their summer cull of attacking talent.

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United beat 10 man Liverpool at Anfield thanks to ropey penalty

  1. The premeditated crime which was orchestrated by the FA and executed by Mark
    Halsey on the 23rd of September 2012 was confirmed to me last night by a very
    good friend of mine who used to be an international referee in the past and now
    he is arbitration’s professor. The analysis was mainly focused on six specific
    1. On the 32nd minute of the game a foul was committed on
    Raheem Sterling by ManU’s number 3 player. The professor said it should have
    been a red card on the number 3 player!
    2. On the 39th minute of the game
    both players – Shelvey and Evans – tried to win the ball by extending their feet
    sideways with no intention to hurt each other. The professor said no card should
    have been given to each player. On the specific infringement Shelvey was sent
    off with a red card!
    3. On the 48th minute of the game a foul was committed
    on Steven Gerrard by ManU’s number 7 player. The professor said it should have
    been a yellow card on the number 7 player.
    4. On the 57th minute of the game
    Luis Suarez was not allowed to move on in the penalty area of ManU as Evans’ leg
    remained extended. The professor emphasized that a penalty should have been
    5. On the 76th minute of the game Valencia was found on the grass
    and Mark Halsey awarded a penalty for ManU. The professor emphasized that a
    penalty should have never been awarded!
    6. When Shelvey was punished with a
    red card on the 39th minute and while he was walking away, MANU’S MANAGER TURNED
    7. The FA is accountable and must further
    investigate the specific incident. Managers who behave in this unacceptable
    manner then they should not be allowed to be coaching a team! If the managers do
    not foster the motto RESPECT and are not behaving in an ethical way how do they
    expect the players to do so?
    8. Mark Halsey immediately and with no further
    hesitation must take fully responsibility of his “criminal” arbitration and
    9. LFC’s hierarchy must take immediate actions and declare Phil
    Dowd, Andre Marriner, Howard Webb, and Mark Halsey as undesirables to be hissing
    LFC’s game.
    10. The LFC’s fans should not allow further “criminal”
    arbitrations from referees and send clear and loud messages to both FA and
    referees that they must RESPECT LFC’s history in English Football!

  2. Manky chester u were absolutely the worst team Liverpool have played this season, nothing but long ball dross, yet for the countless time they were saved by dodgy refereeing decisions and also what has become, a customary penalty in each and every match, there has to be a full and public enquiry into the refereeing of the manky chester hoofers…..but wont be of course.

    You cant buy ‘luck’ like that!

    Or can you?.

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