Chelsea beat Liverpool at Anfield to give Man City title impetus

Premier League
Sunday 27 April 2014 - 2:05 pm
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Liverpool were beaten 2-0 at Anfield - with a slip from Steven Gerrard handing Chelsea the advantage just before half time.

From the first whistle, Mourinho's expensive £200M 'second string' squad, opted for the approach of time-wasting and 11 men behind the ball.  Liverpool struggled to get enough players through, and Mark Schwarzer had a relatively easy opening half.

Not that Chelsea's efforts were amounting to much - with the reds dominating large swathes of the game.

Just before the half time whistle, a Steven Gerrard slip was pounced upon by Demba Ba who fired the ball past Mignolet - a crucial goal at a crucial time.

Second half, and 1-0 up, Chelsea were even less interested in going forward.

The yellow cards were mounting up for the blues, but Liverpool missed a trick in maybe forcing a second challenge from some of these players.

Liverpool's players, whether this was tactical or not, elected to settle for long range shots - such was their first half frustration.  Gerrard, desperate to make amends for his error, had a number of attempts from distance but all of them were below his usual standard.  A Luis Suarez cross found the captain's head, but he was unable to direct enough power to make life difficult for the Chelsea keeper.

The reds threw a forward on - Sturridge, and sacrificed a midfielder, Lucas.

But having not trained for 2 weeks there was little the former Chelsea man could do.

So they threw on another striker - knowing that the risk of conceding was worth getting one back.  Aspas was sent on for a left back.  He initially got involved with a neat one-two to provide the first real slice through Chelsea's defence.  Minutes later though he passed a hapless corner straight back to the men from Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea's time-wasting continued - players fell, even Mourinho managed to keep hold of the ball at times.

In the latter moments of the game, Chelsea hit the reds on the counter, and with Torres and Willian bearing down on Mignolet, Willian mopped up the easy clincher.

Mourinho's men move to within 2 points of Premier League leaders Liverpool - but the real winners today were Manchester City - who now have control of the destiny of this season's Premier League.

Liverpool's 11 match winning streak comes to an end, and the unbeaten run ends.  Liverpool's last two league defeats have both come against Chelsea.

The reds face Crystal Palace next Monday evening, but by then - Liverpool could be already playing catch-up.

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