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Huge leak on Merseyside

Today a hosepipe ban has been imposed on Merseyside. If you are unaware of what that is, it basically means that the use of hosepipes to water your garden or clean your car is outlawed until further notice. This is because the first 6 months of this year have been the driest for a long time. The water sources which fill Merseyside’s reservoirs are being diverted to give the resevoir in Cumbria, which supplies water to Manchester, a boost in resources.

United Utilities have asked customers to keep an eye out for any leaks and to notify them immediately.

So to get the ball rolling, I can think of one huge leak in Liverpool. A leak that is having the complete opposite effect on Manchester, it’s surrounding area and even spreading as far down the country as parts of London. These areas are being given the chance to flourish because of this leak, and it has been going for a while. This leak is located in the Anfield area.

Liverpool Football Club is leaking at a rate of £110,000 a day in interest repayments to the Royal Bank of Scotland. The amount of this leak is now amounting to somewhere in the area of £400m. This leak is not coming from the pockets of the ‘custodians’ of Liverpool Football Club, as they would have you believe. It is coming from the pockets of the fans. The money that fans pay that used to fund player purchases or a new stadium. It has been leaked from the transfer fees that have been brought in from selling players, contrary to what they would have you believe. It is being leaked out of a hole that Tom Hicks and George Gillett created when they said that they wouldn’t.

And by the sound of recent developments, no-one else seems to be diverting their supply to counter our deficiency any time soon. As a result of this, the leak is going to get bigger and bigger until there is nothing left to leak.

There have been leaks of this nature before. Leaks that have seen administrators being put in place to asset strip such football clubs as Leeds United or Portsmouth, and with nothing but grave consequences. We cannot let this happen. If Tom Hicks and George Gillett feel that they can carry on any longer by being blindly funded by the fans of this football club, they will. They will eek out every last penny from the money that is given to them by supporters who actually think the money is going towards something good for the football club.

Not a Penny More.

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Huge leak on Merseyside

  1. I’m with you Joey mate, it’s saddening and so shocking that our club is in this state. It feels as if our club is bleeding to death and all we need is a transfusion from someone, anyone. The current state of affairs is not at all pretty and I will not invest a penny more on merchandise or tickets until the BASTARDS have left.
    It’s sad that as a fan I have to adopt this stance in order to ‘support’ our boys and the team I love.
    When you walk through a storm… The real LFC will never walk alone.

  2. there must be a way to get the message out there so every fan knows. the facebook group(not a penny more) only has about 600 members…something bigger must be done to stop giving hicks cash (seeing as gillett has dissapeared)

  3. i have a little suggestion for our coach Mr. Hodgson, please buy this Ghanaian international KELVIN PRINCE BOATENG to partner Gerrald in the midfield ok. Fellow forumer’s what do you say about that. am waiting for any comment,ok

  4. I’ve sold my season ticket, not bought a shirt, got rid of sky, paid my sub to SOS and stood outside the local Bank of Scotland asking people not to bank here. I have even written a letter to the president asking him to arrest the two cowboys. I’m going to have a miserable year. Yet everyone else will be watching our team trying to win the league. Who is better off? What I,m saying is we cannot change this individually, it is now beyond our control or we empty the stadium for the first 4 games

  5. Simple solution is to stop handing over the cash, but sadly even with all of SOS’ best efforts at heart, it didnt stop many of them buying the new shirt and more than likely re-newing season tickets.

  6. jusrt look what they did to corinthians in brazil came in same speel, money investment ,Stadium , sound familiar, ended up getting relegated with huge debts, no stadium, and hicks and a different buddy walked away with a profit , it taken Corinthians 10 years to get back to where they were before the American leeches came calling with their promises

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