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Comolli, Youngsters and the Transfer Window

After the turmoil of the Hick & Gillett saga, Liverpool’s resurgence will be matched with equal ambition in the summer transfer market. What owner John Henry, manager Kenny Dalglish and Director of Football Damien Comolli all believe is that Liverpool can’t let the dust settle after two poor summer transfer windows under old manager Rafa Benitez. 

The signings of Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez in January were a statement of intent from the club. Both of these players were not just bought for here and now – they are an investment for the future. Comolli was quick to praise everyone involved in the Suarez deal, including the player himself. “The groundwork and intelligence coming out from the scouting team was very good. Everything you look at with Luis – his character, his attitude, his commitment–on top of all the football skills–made us feel he was the right person and the right individual.”

Comolli also explained the clubs decision to splash out on Andy Carroll. “I was very, very pleased for two reasons. Firstly, because we were getting a top player. Secondly, because we sold a player who didn’t want to be here and got one who does.” The reference to an unhappy player is Fernando Torres, who jumped ship and moved to Chelsea in a multi-million pound deal, which marked the end of a disappointing final year at Anfield.

“When you have someone who doesn’t want to be here, and you swap him for people who do, the atmosphere changes.”

This change may be a huge factor in the fortune of the team, who have picked up their form and are now sitting in the top six of the Premier League table, having previously been relegation candidates under Roy Hodgson.

In the new look Liverpool, Comolli and the scouting team are striving for players who will fit the new Liverpool vision, of youthful attacking and attractive football. But we can’t escape the fact that the academy at Melwood is currently producing a fine crop of players. It would be against this exact philosophy that Henry and the club have introduced to block the path of these players, opting to buy talent from else ware.

Give youth a chance

Through a season nagged by injuries to some key players, Dalglish has had to rely on youth to fill the gaps. Most notably, Martin Kelly, Danny Wilson and Jay Spearing have all been given opportunities to impress in the Premier League, and it is hard not to think that more academies graduated will get the nod in the future.

Comolli has already spoken about his plans for the summer transfer market, promising fans the club will be signing top players. “We are very attractive for a lot of players because of what we did in January against Manchester United. It is fantastic publicity for us around the world. We are attractive to a lot of top players and we want to bring top players to this club.” Names of possible targets are already floating around the newspapers, television and in cyberspace. The rumour mill will surely be producing more and more stories as we near the end of the season and the opening of the window.

“We talk about different targets, about players we thought about in January but couldn’t do … So I expect a busy summer.”

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Comolli, Youngsters and the Transfer Window

  1. I would really like Sterling and Suso to get some game time before the end of this season. We should weed out the chaff, and make space for some new dynamic players, either from our academy, or buy some exceptional young talent, such instance Romelu Lukaka of Anderlecht is the type of player we should be going for.

  2. just wonder if the players we want to ship out have got high wages. which could be a deterrent factor for any club wanting to sign them.look our youth academy could be providing our stars of the future.examples spearing,kelly,now flanagan. also others include sterling,suso. buying these overated big name so called stars doesnt work. the new owners have made very smart moves so far saurez,carroll. but they want to be cost effective so youth is the way to go.

  3. Music to my ear’s that we’ll be signing some top players because i’ve been impressed with Saurez and Carroll so hopefully more to come, look at all the money Man City have wasted on players who don’t perform but we’re going in the right direction with the new owners. By contrast Torres looks equally glum at Chelsea so we definetly got the better deal here, perhaps our former El Nino already realises the massive error he made after today’s Champion’s League elimination for which he left us to win!

    In the summer we definetly need to sign wingers….if Cole and/or Poulson depart we could need another midfield maestro too in the Alonso class, throw in another forward if we have any change left after that!. The backline needs a few minor adjustments too but nothing major in my opinion.

    Thank you Kenny for putting back a smile on my face!

  4. I like the idea behind the article. It is an important direction our club is heading in, as we don’t need older players to provide “experience.” The best experience you can have is winning at the club you play for, no matter how old you are. Manchester United (it pains me to say it) proved this in the 1990s with their “kids.” We have the spine of a great team right now… we just need some width. That’s where I think our signings will be. A left back and two wingers are the priority… perhaps another central midfielder, as well. The rest, especially in depth, will be the younger players coming through. I think releasing some of the deadwood, like Rafa did in his first few seasons from the Houllier generation, will also be critical in improving the squad. Cole, Konchesky and Poulsen are the only three I think NEED to move on. I’m cool with the rest.

  5. Who left a wonderful academy system?, Rafa!. Im sure we all want to see more of the kids blooded by the seasons end, we really have a good future in the medium and long-term. Good owners and KK back with Clarke, last summer i would have sold my soul to be here now in this position as a club.

    It’s great to hear the club will not block the kids progressing to the 1st team, that means Cole, Jova, Poulsen etc are going!. We will still have the odd nightmare here and there but we are much better, lastnight was a major step forward, the football was excellent.

    It’s great to be a red again instead of watching in horror at the rubbish we were served up, Im sure KK will be confirmed as well as the stadium re-development but there is no rush!!!!

  6. If January marks the statement of intent within the last few weeks of the window then I think summer will be an extremely exciting time!

  7. Rev Run – this article is trying to focus on the new Liverpool, I just said that there were two disappointing transfer windows, and Rafa was in charge at that time! I’m not saying everything wrong that has happened with this club is Rafa’s fault, because it absolutely isn’t.

  8. I’m not trying to blame Rafa here, I read it back and it may sound like that. I’m just saying that the club as a whole didn’t get enough quality (probably through lack of funds) and maybe didn’t replace players who were leaving adequately.

  9. Wasn’t Rafa Benitez sacked before the last summer window? Or did he sign Poulsen, Konchesky and Cole?

    No need for that reference, I think Benitez would be the first to tell you that he had less money than he wanted…

    • Too true benjo, lay off rafa and move on. You’re like a scorned lover who constantly rips on his ex…rafa really helped turn us around but then shot himself in the’s over move on. And yes the last transfer window was under roys guidance, come on get your facts right and start enjoying the return of the king

    • rafa was a top manager and still is, if he had the money to sign the real players he wanted. we would of been champs. also his temperment let him down with players his honesty with the old owners,got him in to trouble but he was right. a top man rafa…

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