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Positives to take from Stoke reverse

There was no doubt about it, the game against Stoke City was enormously frustrating for both Liverpool supporters and the team.

Jordan Henderson misses a great chance against Stoke

Jordan Henderson was one of many who missed great chances

Frustrating, because Liverpool had the chances to easily overcome the hosts, at what has become a bogey ground not just for Liverpool but for many clubs in the Premier League.

Stoke defended resolutely, the entire team including their attack, and their keeper had a brilliant game.  They picked up the three points and the mild ‘follower’ will see just that. Zero points for Liverpool.

But for the more avid supporter of LFC, this was a whole different experience to the same fixture 10 months ago.  Liverpool were soundly beaten.  A miserable looking rump of players, playing without any passion or seemingly technical ability.

The reds should have picked up points on Saturday – last season they should have been picking up the Stoke players’ boots to go and scrub them for them.

Following the final whistle, there was the usual cacophony of internet ‘noise’.  Knees were well and truly jerked – as if some fans genuinely believed we would go the season unbeatable.  Clearly, that was never likely to happen.

For those who may have forgotten last season – let’s recap:

Liverpool lost 14 league games last year.  Winning only marginally more – 17.  In our first 11 away games – the reds won just once, and lost a staggering 8 times.  To put it another way, the reds picked up only 5 points out of their first 33 away from home.

Blackpool, relegated last season, had a better away record than Liverpool.

On almost all occasions, the reds were not unlucky to lose – they were played off the park.  Easily dismantled by Everton, West Brom, Man City, Stoke, Spurs, Newcastle, Blackburn, West Ham and Villa.  And that’s leaving a few names out.

10 defeats and Champions League

The response to a defeat and analysis often shows more insight in the football brains of a fellow fan.  Most knowledgable football fans know that defeats are part of the game.  When the reds finished 3rd in 2007 (a position that would be declared a huge improvement for the reds) we lost more than 1 in every 4 games.  10 games lost in total.

So by all means you can be rightly frustrated or angry at defeats, but in comparison to last year it is abundantly clear that Liverpool look a far more capable outfit and are heading in the right direction with a far more streamlined, yet competitive squad.  Four games in to the new season – some people need to remember that the reds will probably have more days like Stoke away this season – but hopefully there will be at least one Arsenal away result each time to compensate.

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.

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Positives to take from Stoke reverse

  1. Its a bit early for anyone to write our season off:

    Last season Chelsea won their first 4 games (12 points out of 12) and finished 9 points behind Man United who won 2 and drew 2 of their first 4 games (8 points out of 12).

    We have 7 points out of our first four games (only 1 point behind where Man U were at this stage of the season last year).

    Realistically we are after a champions league spot – anything more is a bonus.

    The table has very little real meaning until at least 10 games have been played and even then it can still change drastically for anyone club – compare where we were after 10 games with where we finished.

    Next weekend Man U play Chelsea – either one of them has to drop 3 points or they will both drop 2 points. If we beat Spurs, the table will look far more healthy – thats how quickly it can change this early in the season.

    • Easy to say that one of the above will drop 3 points. Bet you didnt take into account that we would drop them too did you? We are no different now than we were under Hodgson apart from the Kenny factor but how long will that last?
      They must be winning these games otherwise we will be saying that NEXT year we be challenging for honours. Some of the signings have been questionable but the Carroll one is the worst ever. He is not an LFC player at all, I would put him in the reserves or send him out on loan to a championship team to sort himself out once and for all and if that fails get shot of him. He is in the same mold as Joey Barton and we know what he is like………

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