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Should we be worried about our transfers?

Call me an old cynic.



But like many I was suckered into Liverpool's apparent surge in the transfer market.  Toure announced almost before Carragher was emptying out his locker at Melwood.  Mkhitaryan, Aspas, Alberto, Papadopolous.  Names were flying out the hat.  But they weren't just any hat - they seemed to be legitimate names out of well manufactured hats.

But then the waiting...

Liverpool were about to spend big.  Spend some of that Warrior blood-money for producing horrible kits.  Spend some of that estimated £30M bonus they will get from the new TV deals - yes lets just wait.

But the deals didn't go through just yet.

The £14M has now been splashed on Aspas and Alberto.  But only hours after the £15M fee from West Ham from Andy Carroll had been confirmed.

Do you see where I'm going?

Simon Mignolet is a deal expected to be done soon.  Are we to wait until the green light of Pepe Reina's transfer fee and wages off the wage bill.

Is Mkhitaryan going to speedily arrive once Real Madrid have ponied up with the money for Suarez?

Is Papadopolous waiting for a Skrtel exit?

Admittedly July 1st is the beginning of the official transfer window, and some may say it makes little sense buying players too early - especially when they can have easily earned a good portion of £1M before they even kick a ball in anger in a red shirt.

But I'm scarred from Liverpool's chronic problem of selling to buy that began in 2008 and eventually ripped apart a side that Benitez managed to reach 86 points in a Premier League season with.

Maybe we are in a sell to buy policy.  If we are then at least this time we appear to have a few players on the radar and we may avoid the mistakes we made when Alonso and Torres left late on in the transfer window.

Despite the lack of European football, with soaring TV revenues, reduced wage bills and increased ticket prices, Liverpool should quite clearly have the capital to do business without waiting for top players to leave.

In fact it may even help sway the minds of some players to give the reds another season.  Or is that what the LFC hierarchy are scared of?

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Should we be worried about our transfers?

  1. At least under FSG we now have learnt not to get ripped off by every club when we are buying and I think that is coming from not waving lots of cash about, I also like trying to balance the books, we will move a lot closer to top four and have every reason to be optimistic, so now we have a better forward line, good young talent being given a chance, a manager who is hungry for sucess and has a clear vision, is it all bad?

  2. FSG from the start said they will spend what the club earns, and they have in the past and are presently. One can spin any issue anyway they desire, but FSG have been truthful. Keep in mind for those who desire a sugar daddy, when Broughton searched for one to swindle HIcks and Gillett with RBS’s blessings, no sugar daddy came forward. FSG tried the quick fix spend big approach under Dalglish, that didn’t work. FSG have decided to build from the ground up with the American approach of building dynasties, via a strong core of quality youth. But there are no amateur drafts with football, they are building by acquiring young quality prospects using money ball and scrutinizing scouting.

  3. The point of your article is undermined by the fact that the deals for Alberto and Aspas were in place a while back and had no baring on the sale of Carroll. The reason I say this is Carroll could of easily snubbed a move away, dug his heals in and say ‘I want to stay and fight for my place.’

    I understand your view but I think you’re wrong to see things as you do.

    What’s even more disconcerting is the muppets who then jump on and start posting anti FSG comments.

    Seriously if you think they are bad for the club then you either don’t go to Anfield, and have never been, or you’re just an idiot.

    They saved the club.

    They then brought back The King – and then backed him before sacking him.

    And I had no issues with them sacking Kenny.


    Because after years of David Moores’ ownership, where a manager like Souness could stay in a job despite selling an article to the S*n, followed by the hellish 3 years with Hicks and Gillett, I was delighted we had owners who had the balls to do what they thought was right, even if there was a risk the entire fan base could turn on them.

    Were you muppets moaning when we bought Sturridge or Coutinho?

    Didn’t think so.

    I suppose you’re the type who wished DIC or some billionaire sheik would buy into the club.

    Oh yes – lets sell our souls again to the first people to flash a few bank notes in our faces and promise us we’ll be signing Messi.

    This happened at Malaga and it soon turned sour. I want owners for the long term, with long term plans rather than short term, expensive fixes that we’ve tried countless times before and got nowhere.

    I’m not saying FSG are perfect, they have made mistakes.

    But compared to H&G or DM I’d take them any day.


  4. for Gods sake guys. Go look at our NEt spend since FSG got here. 3rd highest in the EPL. Seriously. go get the figures and stop spouting utter rubbish.

    FSGs problem is that they have little football knowledge, have not appointed a notable CEO and they have made errors in the transfer window before esp last summer.

    But stop going on about stuff that is just factually WRONG

  5. I’m totally agree with this article whoever written..really sad to see this business minded Fsg ruining our prestigious club.they don’t need success! They don’t respect fans! They don’t respect history! They just keeping eye on profit..I can’t see any intention of splashing cash to bring success back to the club.we already done a stupid business with warriors but we should try to cover that by bringing that money earned by dealing to buy proper players but where does that cash spend?? I’m so worried about ridiculous Fsg,they are not .Respecting the club’s success..

  6. I keep getting trashed whenever I say we are a “selling” club as FSG ensures we earn any money we spend. It seems someone appears to be agreeing in this article. By the start of the next season you will find that FSG have NOT put anything into the kitty and our purchases will have come from our sales. They said that before they bought the club and stick to it religiously. If we don’t sell we don’t buy!

  7. i’m a little worried actually. i think our defense needs a LOT of improvement and an aging CB is our only signing in this department. i like the improvement in the attacking midfield part but our most needed aspect is somewhat ignored…

  8. I thought that the early deal of Toure was the start of a great transfer spree, Alberto? Aspas? What is all that about? Is Skrtel going? He’s another waste! 6th place this season!

  9. The likes of Jordan Ibe, Lloyd Jones, Sterling are all likely to play bigger roles next season. Maybe the depth is going to come from the reserves and youth?

  10. brendan is talking about depth a lot, would be digging a hole for himself if he only replaces players he sells.
    it could be that it’s going that way but i don’t know why he would even bring up squad depth if that was the case?

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