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Liverpool fans should learn to love squad rotation

While Liverpool's start to this season's Premier League campaign has not been as impressive as last seasons (30 pts from 14 compared to 26 points this season) - it has still been above average for LFC in the last decade.

Last season, Klopp's first full season in charge, was one of the most impressive league starts by a Liverpool team in recent memory.

And comparing this season to the much heralded one of 2013-14 starring Luis Suarez - even they had only collected one more point by this stage.

Compared to both of those years the reds have also had to deal with the added weighty pressure of a Champions League campaign and far from the madness of 3 years back the reds currently are top of their group with the final fixture fast approaching.

So despite the long term injuries to the likes of Clyne and Lallana, despite the Barcelona/Coutinho saga at the start of the season, despite the ongoing concerns over centre-backs, goalkeepers and wantaway midfielders and despite the missing period of Sadio Mane the reds should look upon the past 4 months as positive.

And as the cold winter settles in, with some players returning to fitness, the reds now have an opportunity to make the most of their forward line talent.

Philippe Coutinho and Mo Salah were named on last night's bench to some cries of panic - but a man with (up to that point) 15 goals in 20 can't be used indefinitely throughout the upcoming busy schedule.

And the reds had the luxury of bringing in Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino - and it was Mane who opened the scoring and looked the most dangerous in the first half.  Was this as a result of him missing most of the Chelsea game? The manager would probably argue it was.

With Oxlade-Chamberlain rapidly improving as he fits into the Liverpool system - Klopp has also had the luxury of taking his time over Adam Lallana's return.  He could prove a major player to return during the month of December for Liverpool.

Mo Salah v Maribor

And it's my view that Liverpool should continue to rotate throughout the next month as well - because the wheels spectacularly came off immediately following the Christmas period last year.  The reds won just one of their 9 games in January - and that was a 1-0 win in the FA Cup over Plymouth Argyle.

The reds have an opportunistic set of fixtures in December - the standouts being the home derby and the Arsenal away clash when the Gunners will no doubt be looking to avenge their Anfield defeat.  And the reds will also be hoping to avoid the 'new manager effect' - again when they face West Brom and Everton within 3 days of each other.

The outstanding performance of a player in a previous game in this period may not automatically mean they have to play 3 days later.

Just learn to love rotation.

The reds have Salah, Mane, Firmino, Coutinho, Solanke, Lallana, Sturridge and even the Ox at their disposal.  They are already better players than most of the opposition defences they are lined up to face - imagine how much more of an advantage it will be if they have had 72 hours more rest than their counterparts.

We're about to enter the key part of the season when the shape of the rest of our campaign will really be decided - don't panic when you see the starting line ups 1 hour before kick off.

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