The New Season’s Expectations

Well so far the summer has been to forget for Liverpool. The owners have once again been refinanced by the banks which has brought more debt onto the club. We’ve had a pre-season that up to now hasn’t got going at all and we’re reading new stories linking our players with moves away from Anfield, in particular Alonso who looks all but certain to leave.

So where does that leave us with the new season?

Well judging by how close we came last year to landing the title, another title push should be expected. Even with the, expected, departure of Alonso we still have a good enough side to go one further than last year. If we’re lucky enough not to have serious injuries to our key players then a title push is the littlest we can expect.

I also think that after a couple of quiet years in the domestic cups it isn’t out of the question to expect some sort of cup run this year. We haven’t yet graced the new Wembley turf, which is a bit of shame considering we went to Cardiff for five domestic cup finals and won all but one. So it’s about time we had another serious run in at least one of the domestic cups.

As for Europe, well we have become a force to be reckoned with again on the continent. It would be nice to go to the final again but it’s almost become a formality that we’ll reach the quarters at the very least. It may be slightly unfair to expect as an exciting Champions League as last year, which had us on the edge of our seats especially at Stamford Bridge. I do still expect us to reach the quarter finals.

So to summarise what I expect from the competitions we enter is another title push, a good run in either the FA or Carling Cup and to reach the last 8 of the Champions League again.

Do I expect anything else? Well of course I expect the off the field problems to continue with those two running the club. I expect the sale of Alonso before the window shuts but without a big money replacement. And I expect the fans of Liverpool Football Club to get right behind our boys all season and drive them onto every success.

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The New Season’s Expectations

  1. as long we have gerrard in good shape anything can happen..good luck this season.. cant liverpool buy sebastian larsson.. he can be very good i think in liverpool.. they dont give him a chance in the swedish team.

  2. It’s a stupid article that smacks of an inferiority complex.We’re nowhere near as bad as many seem to suggest so lighten up folks as there is still much to look forward too!!.In Ronaldo,Man Utd probably lost the best player in the world but they just get on with it so we can learn something from them.Xabi though a brilliant passer wasn’t that much of a goal threat that i expect our new signing to be so it could work out in our favour.

    We can have a very good season even winning the Premiership especially if Rafa buy’s another forward but the likes of Babel and Riera must give more for the cause.I’m sure the gaffer has a plan and didn’t let Alonso go without thinking it over a few times so we’ve got to trust his judgement which is what he gets paid for.

  3. well i think man utd will be weaker owen could be a flop injury prone. but chelsea are a definate threat.. man city will take a long time to gel. pre seaon results have been bad.. the squad will take time to gel.. the first ten games will us a good indication of how the season will pan out. defences will be very tight then. if babel can step up his game and voronin score 10 goals we might be able to get the title. i think spanish team will win champions league

  4. looks like we’re signing italian midfielder alberto aquilani from roma who would be a good signing. hopefully with the remainder of the money from alonso we can sign david silva. he would be perfect as he can play wing and striker. also if we have money left over we could make a bid for bojan (wing/striker) or mata (wing/striker) who would be really good as well.

  5. I think that u are one of those liverpool fans who start panicking unnessesarily before a ball has been kicked in anger!

    If u had waited a few hours before you made u’r comments, u’d have realised we signed Aquilani…

    Pre season is what it is, I don’t believe you should read too much into the results, its all about fitness and getting the team ready for the new season. Rafa changes half the team at HT anyway, so what do u expect? Besides, i’d rather the team loses a couple of pre season games, so long as we win against spurs!

    Besides, we have got to believe in the manager, he has brought us such a long way from finishing 37 pts behind the champions. We are now challenging for the league title, regularly in the last 8 of the CL. The team looks a different class than in 2004. I’m sure most fans would have wished for a situation like this 4 or 5 years ago. I prefer to see what happens in the transfer market, rather than fret on ‘who’s coming’ and ‘who isn’t’.

    Just look at the team now. We have the world’s best striker (Torres), best midfielder (Gerrard), best holding midfielder (Masch), three world class defenders (Carra, Agger, Skrtel, Aurelio). Even those less heralded players all have somthing to offer (Kuyt, Benayoun, Riera, Lucas). Its not all doom and gloom. Johnson will add power and skill down our right flank, and Aquilani will add elegance to our engine room. Rafa has done a magnificent job on limited resources. Lets trust in him and get behind the team.

    A word on Alonso. Thank you for the memories, you were a class act. Wish you all the best.


  6. Im feeling so down at the moment with our play in the friendlies . Alonso going . Our play up to now has been weak ,so i hope we can pull something out of the hat soon.
    One thing is certain we need 2 or 3 new class players.
    Will we get them???

  7. Without Alonso, 2 injury prone centre halves and off firld turmoil we should be grateful for top 4. United and CHelsea have far superior squads.

  8. good article – 2 things I expect to happen at the end of the season

    1 – Labour to have lost the election

    2 – No trophies? – No job Rafa!

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