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Stating the Bl**din Obvious

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind losing.

I've been around long enough to have more than my fair share of experiencing a loss. I was fortunate to enjoy the great days from the early 70's to the late 80's. I saw us win everything. I also saw some dreadful defeats - losing 6-0 away to Villa springs immediately to mind.

I also appreciate that it is only 4 games in and you don't really have a clue how where we are going to be until after Christmas.

However, there are already the warning signs. How can we scrape a win against Stoke and Bournemouth, play so well against Arsenal and then get hammered (pun intended) 3 - 0 at home by West Ham ?

We had decisions for us against Bournemouth and Arsenal but they will even out over the course of the season. We will be on the wrong side of bad refereeing. It's all part and parcel of the game.

I can gladly handle bad decisions. You have to applaud brilliant goals against us. You accept that the team that beat us was better than us.

What I am finding it harder each time to take is BR's stating of the bleeding obvious at the post match interviews.

Rodgers post-match interview Hull City

Would you believe that we gave 3 poor goals away ? Really ???? I would never have thought it !

How many times over the past year has he uttered those same words after a defeat or a lucky win ? I find it an insult to be told that each defeat. We can see it. BR can see it - because he tells us every post match interview - but it still happens.

If I told my Boss that I knew why something I was working on failed only for it to fail again and again and again, I would be left in absolutely no doubt as to what he thought of me. If he and his Staff know what the problem is, why can't they fix it ?

He is getting so good at stating the bleeding obvious that I'm beginning to worry about his pre match instructions....

'Right lads. We kick this ball and we pass it to each other. If we put it in that net over there more times than they put it in this net then we win'

'When they kick the ball from that corner bit at the corner of the ground then it is a corner. You need to jump up and down and around in circles to stop the ball from going in our net'

'It is OK to panic when the ball comes towards you because no one has told you what to do with it when it does'

'Above all, don't worry if the ball goes into our net plenty of times. I will tell all our fans that we let silly goals in. They will understand'

'Remember, you are all outstanding and are still learning from one another. We have a long season ahead of us and you will soon bed in. As soon as I see that happening, I will let some of you go and then get a knew lot in. It's the Liverpool way and has been for 25 years'

My turn to state the obvious now. There is always next season.


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Stating the Bl**din Obvious

  1. Why is he still here when we can have Klopp? I’m praying that he doesn’t take a position elsewhere before Rogers is sacked.

  2. It’s the inexperienced Manger that’s the problem

    He should have fell on his sword when his staff were sacked.

    If the truth was know, offside goals & disallowed goals, we should have only have 1 point from the 1st 4 games.

    It’s a shambles.

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