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LFC fans react to FA Cup 0-0 against West Ham

FA Cup 4th Round
Saturday 30 January 2016 - 5:30 pm
0West Ham
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What were your thoughts on today's draw against West Ham - a good result for an inexperience side? Or a missed opportunity to go through to the next round at the first chance?

Here are some of the fans reactions from across social media

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The consensus seemed to be that Liverpool would lose that. Draw should be an acceptable result, but I wasn't doubting from the start, and I'm disappointed we didn't win that.

-DanMann on LFC Reds

Not the best result but we held our own with a makeshift side. Well done to the youngsters they weren't overawed at all.

-reddebs on LFC Reds

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LFC fans react to FA Cup 0-0 against West Ham

  1. Get a life…Liverpool are playing 3games a week and they have a small squad compared to some teams .so the manager has to change it around its not making a mockery of the competition it’s dealing with what you have to do…Klopp will get it right when he has his own team…give him a break …you are all waiting for him to fail because Arsenal wanted him as manager…..hard luck

  2. Liverpool are such a yawn. Klopp’s team was disgraceful – makes a mockery of the competition. I suppose Liverpool think it is beneath them. It’s not beneath Arsenal, but Liverpool are so much bigger than the Gunners, of course. All that Liverpool have been able to offer for years now is arrogance backed up by hopeless signings.

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