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Coutinho saga exposes the fact that frankly, footballers couldn’t give a s*** about you

When the queues are formed at the club shop for getting players names printed on shirts I've always cringed.

When Liverpool unveil the latest hoarding outside the Kop of the current 'favourite players'  I cringe.

As the Coutinho saga has proven, after the Suarez saga, the Torres saga, even the McManaman saga.  Quite frankly footballers couldn't give a shit for the fans who provide their £7M salary and their ability to have them and their better-halves posting pictures on Instagram whilst spread-eagle on super yachts.

And quite frankly any fan who believes these players would 'die for their club' is an imbecile.

Even the Liverpool CEO is not involved in conversations with the players - his job is to find out which tool/gardening/furniture/supermarket/gym/electricity company wants to partner with Liverpool in exchange for an advertising hoarding and 200 guaranteed seats in the Main Stand at Anfield.

The huge banners at Anfield should not represent the modern day player but the players in Liverpool's history who have achieved something for the fans - given the fans something to remember.  Gerrard, Smicer, Alonso would all be better visions of Liverpool's famous stand than the modern day charlatans who have won, let's be clear on this, fuck all.

So Coutinho has refused to travel to Germany in arguably the club's most pivotal fixture in a few years.  Shame on him.  Shame on the club if they do decide to sell him.

Liverpool's owners, Fenway Sports Group, are clearly amateurs when it comes to the world of professional football.  There is no disputing their ability to deal with construction firms, as has been seen with the impressively rapid redevelopment of the main stand in just less than a season.  But Football? No they clearly don't have it . They hired an impotent sporting director in Michael Edwards who having scanned the globe for football talent obviously arrived at just 3 humans - Solanke he got - after that he drew a blank.

So what to do now with Coutinho.  Liverpool paid £8M for him a number of years ago.  If he declares himself unable to play then insurance wise he is costing the club nothing.  The club should in my view hold him to the lucrative 5 year contract he signed in January of this year.  If a top 10 club in the world can't make an example of a player then I don't know who can.

Grow a pair Liverpool - and while you're at it how about having more than a target A in the transfer window.  The reds have been underfunding transfer windows for years now and it's about time they bolstered the squad in a serious fashion.

Coutinho - as a human earning almost £200,000 per week you should be thoroughly ashamed by your behaviour.  Liverpool - as a club earning £350M+ a year you should be thoroughly ashamed by your transfers.

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Coutinho saga exposes the fact that frankly, footballers couldn’t give a s*** about you

  1. Agree wholeheartedly with this! Nail on the head!
    We used to have great players who never disrespected our club – now we have no great players and they all will just piss off when someone waves more cash around!
    Don’t sell him – see what he does then in World Cup year!!

  2. FSG are the problem. Don’t have any ambition and don’t love football. Is it any wonder we’ve been stuck for so long? Have we signed one player on the back of all the commercial deals FSG have done? Has there been any benefit to the team of all this pimping out of the club? Without the ambition that is driven by passion for the game, we will never consistently get top players in or keep top players. As such, we’ll never hold onto the likes of Coutinho. Barca may be his ‘dream move’ but if we had a serious chance of lifting the title and / or CL he wouldn’t be so quick to want to go.

    • So the fact we have never won the premier league is all down to FSG. The fact we have had to sell our players for the last ten years is down to FSG. The fact that Moore’s and then hicks and Gillett couldn’t be arsed building our club up to be competitive off the pitch is down to FSG. If Moore’s cares about the club he would of done the work FSG are doing now.

      • If you read the post you’ll see I never said that our failure to win the league was down to FSG. 10 years ago we’d just played in a European Cup final under a much maligned manager and weren’t having to sell players. Indeed, we kept hold of a good one, you might have heard of him, Steven Gerrard. That summer we also attracted one of the worlds most coveted strikers, a lad called Fernando Torres. Hence you’ve exaggerated your timeline there. The point here is that being competitive allows you to keep and sign good players. Fact. As for FSG, please tell me how this building up of the club to be ‘competitive off the pitch’ is actually helping the team attain any success? Do you really see the signing up of a few more commercial sponsors as progress and success over that achieved on the pitch? Do the fans turn up at Anfield to look at the Western Union transfers on the players sleeves? As for FSG trying to take a sensible approach to success we’ll look at how many managers they’ve hired and fired, how many different ‘strategies’ we’re going to use to sign players, how many ‘brains trusts’, how many ‘transfer committees’, ‘sporting directors’, CEOs…the list goes on. Clearly they don’t know what they are doing, hence the chopping and changing of approach. There’s also too much spin. Why is hiring a new CEO greeted with the fanfare of a new signing? Sorry but I don’t buy it.

        • So your argument is we kept Gerrard (after the death threats to him and his family) and signed Torres. That’s it well done.

        • No the argument is ambitious clubs that provided good financial backing generally achieve success and attract and keep top players. Everton now have a record transfer that eclipses ours. In an era where spending largely = success that’s very worrying don’t you think? Oh well keep waving the Stars and Stripes and hoovering up the spin. I prefer to keep an open mind.

  3. The best thing the owners can do us get rid of Coutinho. Let the world know we have shown that our attack does not need Coutinho that we have bigger players like mane who can change a game for us. No player is bigger than LFC and we will not allow anyone to hamper our season.
    Keeping him would be a negative as it would cause problems in the background.

    • What are u saying, if u don’t keep ur old players because u gotten some new players, then u are not ready to win anything, this Coutinho issue is the owners that want o sell him, forget transfer requests, the club want to sell him, the only thing dey think about is the money dey will make, OK why are dey not going for more expensive players, if dey want to really buy, Liverpool is a big joke, until dey sell the club to a better owner, the owner that love the club.

      • What?. I said get rid of Coutinho as having a player that does not want to play for us can cause unrest in the squad.
        The owners are building the club up from a debt ridden club to a billion pound club so that’s a positive for everyone not just the owners.
        Yes it remains to be seen if that will eventually spill out on to the pitch. But fickle fans will complain about spending but then talk about how great our 90+ million pound attacking trio of Salah ,Firmino and Mane are. So which is it?

  4. Too much anger in one article. Problem is we expects players to be loyal. If we stop expecting things like this then only we can develop further. I know we are famous for this, for pampering and loving individual players as a part of family but it has to stop someday. That attachment is making us weaker. In current generation footballers are employees. And for them money is everything. Trophies and loyalty are bullshit. Why do you think players want to play for manure and mancity when there is no way they are winning champhions league. Its money money money. Directors should think like them. Wenger realised this mistake and started giving high wages to star players. Unless we start giving extraordinary wages to these so-called-professionals we wont be able to keep them.

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