Rafa’s 20 New Year Resolutions

1. I will take an occasional break from writing notes during games and drink more water to try and avoid a repeat of kidney stones.

2. I will try and realise that 4-4-2 is more effective than 4-5-1.

3. I will use Insua more often during Premier League games.

4. I will not use Ngog so often during Premier League games.

5. I will get rid of Andrei Voronin at last.

6. I will stop playing 2 defensive midfielders at home against relegation fodder.

7. I will realise that it was a mistake to consider Xabi Alonso expendable and not try and sell him again.

8. I will keep the goatee because it makes me look a bit meaner, like Fagin’s smarter brother.

9. I will stop spending vast sums of money on players nobody has heard of, especially on left-backs.

10. I will put poor Dirk Kuyt back in the centre where he belongs and buy a proper right winger.

11. I will stop being so polite to Alex Ferguson and learn to despise Man Utd like all proper Liverpool fans.

12. I will not play reserve teams in the FA Cup this year.

13. I will stop being so bitter about Michael Owen leaving when I arrived at Anfield and realise that £3M to get him back is an absolute steal.

14. I will continue to be a tactical genius in the Champions League and get to more finals in 5 years than the Mancs have managed in 35 years.

15. I will send Yossi Benayoun to the gym to work out.

16. I will try and buy Glen Johnson and Aaron Lennon in the transfer window.

17. I will remember to hide my Tom Hicks voodoo doll in case the cleaner finds it.

18.I will lie down in the middle of the East Lancs road rather than see Torres sold to Man City.

19. I will treat Nick Clemons to a game of golf and pick his brains on my strategy for the summer transfer window.

20. I will win the Premier League.

9 comments on
Rafa’s 20 New Year Resolutions

  1. Yea 4-5-1 sure wasnt effective against real madrid or man u was it Nick? And Aurelio is miles better than Insua at this stage of their careers. Keep doing what your doing Rafa.

  2. No21 Please teach our Dutchmen how to control a ball!

    If Dirk and Ryan had a ‘first touch’ equal to Xabi or Steven they would both double their value!!


  3. Nick – all excellent resolutions apart from #10.

    For my money, I really like dangerous Dirk at right wing and think he is far more dangerous there than up the middle. he’s looked more likely to score drifting in off his wing than when he’s played through the centre – i’m not sure if the stats back me up on this but the last few games i’ve seen him play up top, he’s looked less like scoring than earlier in the season when he was a menace from the outside right position.

    keep up the great work.


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