Carroll – Why should we wait?

Is anyone else getting sick and tired of people saying that Andy Carroll will “come good” and that “he’s only a young lad” and “we must persevere with him”? Those things may all be true but this is the Liverpool first team he’s playing in and we do not expect someone to learn their trade there.

There’s no doubt that Liverpool paid way over the odds for the guy last January when they did not need to hurry into such a purchase. It was the first of the desperate moves that have clouded Kenny’s return to the club. It makes all the more sickening the rumours that we turned down £35M and Sturridge as Chelsea’s first bid for Torres. If we’d have held out for £40M and Sturridge we’d now have a player the same age as Carroll who has played 1 less game than Carroll this season but scored twice as many goals (12 compared to 6) including 10 in the league. And we’d still have had £40M to spend as well.

It doesn’t seem good business sense to necessarily sell Andy Carroll because the price we’d get for him would be likely in the region of £15M and a £20M loss is hard to swallow. However, we cannot continue to  suffer whilst waiting for an improvement and who can possibly argue that at the moment he is simply not good enough to be in the starting eleven or even deserving of a place on the bench. Admittedly this season we have few other options but the summer must see a change of strategy with our young striker.

If the owners are not prepared to suffer the financial loss on Carroll then he must be loaned out for probably a couple of years. Playing in a different team (Stoke spring to mind anyone) he would get first team football without the same level of pressure and expectation. We should review his progress at the end of his first loan spell and assess his market value at the time.

Whether he ever returns to Liverpool is questionable as his style of play is totally contrary to the kind of football Liverpool are expected and need to play. When he is on the field we tend to resort to hoofing balls up to him to hold up and our inexperienced midfielders don’t get forward quickly enough to support him. Admittedly Carroll is decent at holding up the ball in this way due to his strength and size but playing any other kind of ball to him is a waste of time and an automatic loss of possession. I’m 41 and have never played football to a high level but I reckon I could beat him in a sprint over 30 yards. That is simply not good enough for a striker at a club like ours. In the modern game you have to have more than one string to your bow.

Dalglish is in danger of allowing Carroll to cost him his job at the club. We all know how stubborn he is and this has shown more and more in his dealings with the media this season. The recovery plan that he will be asked to produce to the owners at the end of the season SHOULD involve letting Carroll go, at least on loan. If he refuses to admit he was wrong on this one and perseveres with him in the first team then why would our results be any different next season? By Christmas if Carroll hasn’t gone then Kenny surely will instead.

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Carroll – Why should we wait?

  1. I think it was 
    Gabriele Marcotti and his round table who said that Carroll was bought before Daglish had full control of the buying. Maybe this is just speculation, but this article reads as though Kenny will have a problem with letting Carroll go, even on loan. Look at the team, it seems to me they are trying to move the ball around on the pitch, playing a possession game. Carroll does not fit in with the type of game that Kenny is trying to play. He is a big powerful guy but he cannot move about the pitch with conviction, we all know that. I don’t think that Kenny would have a problem loaning the lad out, he has never been a fit for Kenny’s game plan. On paper he does not make sense to the type of movement on and off the ball Kenny needs up front. We need the likes of Raheem Sterling to make a showing, maybe if we buy that Rhodes kid from Huddlesfield. Bottom line, we need more goals. 

  2. Very good debate guys but i think we are missing the real topic here.

    1) very bad decisions been made week after week with regards to team selection. No continuity at all.
    2) on Saturday against Villa, Downing was putting very good crosses into the box, what did kenny do? Sub Downing for Carroll and the good supply line from the right dried up.
    3) Kuyt has started as many games as Carroll but in my opinion has worst Stats and has done so season after season.
    4) Carroll will not be a sucess until we have two wingers playing week after week. Downing and AN other with decent supply into the box.

    I think alot of Kennys transfers have been for the long term which has caused the team to be unbalanced.

  3. There seems to be a bit of talk about supporters who go to the game and those who don’t. I’ve never been to a home match (because I live in Australia), but have been supporting the Reds since the pre-Dalglish playing days and I’m a paid-up member.  There are thousands of us here who watch EVERY match live (usually between midnight and 7 am). We experience the same emotions and frustrations as those on the terraces. I just hope we get to the FA cup final – and win it. As for the league, not sure whether Dalglish needs to go or stay. Not convinced that Hendo, Adam and Downing are good enough in the midfield. Carroll and Suarez combination has not really been given time to work. Need to get players in the box when we press forward – we’re just not looking threatening anymore. YNWA. PS Hope to visit next season.

  4. I’ve been reading a lot of nonsense lately about our recent transfer policy. Newcastle seem to be flavour of the month. That is, if we’d have purchased the players that they’ve purchased we’d be doing much better and at a fraction of the price. Wasn’t it no so long ago that these same people were creaming themselves over Spurs? The same Spurs that have won once in 8 games and have taken 6 points from a possible 24 recently? Weren’t we supposed to adopt a transfer policy like them? They might not even finish in the top four.

    As for Newcastle, well it’s still early days there. There’s no doubt they’ve had a good season, however, having been no-ones bet for a top 6 finish the pressure is off them. they can play with freedom, express themselves and generally not feel the wrath of the press eyeing their every mistake. Will it be the same next year when expectation naturally increases? Alan Pardew and most if not all of Newcastle’s players are in unchartered territory right now. Time will tell. One, thing’s for sure, Newcastle players are not saddled with the weight of history and expectation that Liverpool players are. The expectation to win every game. Though that expectation does hinder our players at times, it’s also one reason why we’ve roughly averaged a trophy every other season since last winning the league. Newcastle’s last trophy?

    The fact is we’ve bought too many players that have underachieved. I take the point that they were expensive, however, let me frame the argument in a slightly different way. The press like to beat us with the ‘you’ve spent over a 100 million and you’re still crap’ stick. Well in gross terms we have spent those sums. However, with the sales of Torres, Meireles and the offloading of Konchesky, Poulsen, Jovanovic et al we’ve recouped ~£65 m. It’s difficult to know for sure exactly how much we’ve spent and recouped as you never know who to believe. However, if we say we’ve spent ~£110 m, then our net spend is ~£45 m. for that £45 m we’ve got 8 players. Now for me, by today’s standards £45 m for 8 new players isn’t bad and averages out to £5m per player. The 8 players are; Doni, Enrique, Coates, Downing, Henderson, Adam, Carroll, Suarez and Bellamy. I read recently (and this was based on some detailed statisitcal analysis) that even the best managers in the business only get ~50% of their signings spot on. Hence, of 8 players, 4 will be good signings, the rest will flop. For every Ronaldo Ferguson has bought, there has always been a Kleberson.

    I don’t think anyone can doubt that Enrique, Suarez and Bellamy have looked like good signings. I also think Coates has shown real potential and will clearly replace Carra sooner rather than later. Hence, at least 4 of the 8 (50%) have shown that they’ve at least looked like the money we paid for them. That’s not to say that the rest have been a waste of time. Adam and Henderson haven’t set the world on fire, but they’ve contributed at various points when deployed in their most comfortable positions (Henderson in the middle) and with the right personnel (Adam alongside Lucas). Sticking with those two, I always felt that, if everyone was fit, both Henderson and Adam would be squad players as Gerrard and Lucas would be favoured in centre midfield in a 4-4-2. Chronic injuries to both of the above have meant Adam and Henderson have featured more than they may have. Not bad players to have on the bench though. Haven’t people said for years that we’ve not had enough strength in depth?

    The biggest disappointments have been Downing and Carroll. For me, both of those were bought to go straight into the first team – bought for the here and now. However, both have failed to consistently deliver. There can be many potential reasons for the poor form shown by those two players. Consistent selection, formation, tactics, opposition, form etc can all contribute to the effectiveness of a player. This season Downing and Carroll have not been good enough. However, is one season enough time to objectively assess a player’s strengths and weaknesses? If so then Arsenal would have missed out on the superb talent that was Ray Parlour. I use the former Arsenal man as an example becuase he was a young English player that was thrust into Arsenal’s team under George Graham and looked completely out of his depth What I’m getting at here, is that we can’t objectively rate Downing, Carroll or any of our signings (or indeed our manager) until the end of next season. One great season can be a fluke (Marcus Stewart anyone?). One poor season can be a temporary slump (Xabi alonso pre 2008 – 09). For me, two full seasons allows us to make more objective judgements. So let’s just relax, let this season come to an end (hopefully with the addition of the FA Cup) and lets only stand in judgement of the players and the manager come the end of next season. If it’s still crap then they’ll all deserve to go.

  5. A big decision needs to be made – A business one, which means selling Suarez and getting someone who can, and wants to play with Carroll (Suarez certainly looks like he doesn’t want to) or… A footballing one, which means either selling, loaning out or benching Carroll and get someone to play with the very talented Luis Suarez, or the dream, that someone could play with both, unless someone can wave a magic wand and get them to play together!
     And to think we could have bought Crouch back for ten million…..Also I think we overlook the fact that Henderson hasn’t done enough to warrant a place in the team and came with a hefty price tag, and the fact we still don’t have a right winger (which I’m sure would help Andy Carroll) Adam Johnson from Man City would be the best option…
    We can make some money by selling Glenn Johnson, we have Kelly who looks good in that position and the undeveloped potential of Flanagan in reserve…
    I could go on and on, but I won’t…..

  6. I don’t think Andy Carroll wants to play for Liverpool, i don’t think he ever really has, his pathetic fall over when it was easier to score against his old club makes me question his loyalty, he will still get his contract paid if he leaves, he will be at least £20 million better off!  so i don’t think his heart is with our club, maybe he will admit it when his book comes out and his career is over!! get shut if he doesn’t improve soon.

  7. Sell Carroll and play Adam Morgan.  The kid scores goals! Invest in quality right winger, and a midfield play maker and get rid of Charlie Adam!   Rest of it will come good. If we score more goals, instead of hitting woodwork playing exactly the same we would be in a CL position.  Fans have to realise its a build process doesn’t happen over night, takes 3, 4 or 5 years, even Ferguson nearly lost his job and look at him now! We’ve won league up, hopefully beat everton and get to fa cup final.  Qualified for Europa league and next year go at CL qualification, and then look at winning league.  Unfortunately Chelsea, Man City, Utd, Spurs, Newcastle, etc will be spending big to improve, we have to catch up.  Liverpool is a massive club, but it is not given trophies because of who we are, other clubs have to be respected and beaten, starting with the lower based teams week in week out.  Can be done, but not until we have a 25 goals a season striker, could just be Adam Morgan, with Sterling as well! 

    • We need a water carriers such as Charlie Adam and Lucas, all the successful teams have them, except Arsenal, IF YOU CAN CALL A TEAM WHO HAVE WON NOTHING FOR SEVEN SEASONS SUCCESSFUL…… You see my point.

  8. In my opinion carroll shud be played more often and when he is played surely downing shud be played. I wud giv carroll at least 10 games and see how he is doin then. KK shud deffo get more time coz its not as if we arent creating chances and we are playing sum gud footy at times.Im not quite sure y he doesnt play downing and carroll together and also y sterling isnt given more of a chance coz he cud save us £20+ million but hes obviously got his reasons for this. All in all if we can win the fa cup it wont of been that bad a season imo, we then need to push on in the league next season with champs league a must.

  9. Liverpool have decried their luck too often this season for the claim to avoid hollowness this time.
    Whether it is misfortune, tiredness or sheer lack of quality, they are confronted with a league table which suggests remaining in the top 10 is their priority.
    The more they argue their natural place is in the top four, the less convincing they sound.
    They have to start living up their own billing because a third consecutive seventh-placed finish, or worse, should never be acceptable at such an illustrious venue. There will come a time when the stream of mitigating factors put forward need to give way to a blunt acknowledgement this is not good enough.   A very true and honest reflection of the current situation at anfield

  10.  In the modern game you have to have more than one string to your bow.”… If you look at the whole issue and stop focusing your anger towards Carroll, I think your comment above applies better to Kenny’s lack of tactic order, creativity and execution. You look for the best parts to build your team, like a puzzle; it is very rare to find players that can do many things well, most players specialize on specific tasks and become very successful when managagement (team builders) take maximum advantage of their strengths. Kenny and his management team have failed finding a good way to utilize Carroll’s talents; and this is not only a problem with Carroll, many times Gerrard has disappeared from the pitch due to his assigned function. The reason world football pays so much money for top managers is because players cannot do it all, you need quality, innovative, flexible tactics to compensate for what is missing in the pitch. Kenny as much as I love him, has not demonstrated ability to get the best out of his players. Not all your pieces can be knights but you can still win the match if you now how to move your pawns.

    • so when all season everyone has said we have battered the teams, fact we have created more chances than most teams, fact we have created the most headed chances at goal ,fact we have hit the woodwork the most times in the prem. fact we have one of the best defensive records what more can kenny and clarke do. we have played brilliant football under kenny. suarez and bellamy and gerrard and kuyt all have to score not just carroll.
      we have hit the target a huge amount of times it just has not gone in.kenny is a top manager and given the right time and some decent support (if there is any out there) he can prove it

  11. fan that says stop living in the past then refers to a past manager (rafa) as a measure of our current managers success. kenny needs time just like any manager its not like he has took us from 2nd to 7th now is it??? the season is not over so we may or may not finish 6th say which would be an improvement due to kenny winning a trophy our first in 6 years but lets brush that aside. kenny spent money some was spent by comolli. lets brush that aside comolli bought carroll but lets blame kenny lets call him a failure lets ignore the obvious talent in enrique and bellamy the obvious raw talent of coates. henderson looks to have a bright future but hey lets ignore that and look at the negatives. if you think the owners and kenny can turn everything round in one and a half seasons (i know they were their under roy but not for long) you are truly classless fans look at city 4 years approx 600 million and one trophy in last 2 seasons its not easy and the sooner you realise it is a long process and get behind the team and staff the better it will be for everyone concerned. YNWA

    • enrique had a bright start but has been caught out so many times at the back recently it is embarasing no one want over night success or believes it possible. To say citys investment has not payed off a team that was outside of the champions league and lucky if they got a europa place  have this season until lately been challenging for the title and will get a champions league place is that not progress ????????????  Carling  cup wins are all very well for teams like birmingham and the likes our form despite being told it would be a catalyst for bigger and better things has been shambolic. Facts are facts we are closer to the relegation zone than the top 4 and judging how everton are performing at the moment i dont hold out much hope for us on saturday.

  12. carroll has to be sold he is poor always moaning and going down easy on the pitch and doesnt score enough goals he wasted a great cchance late on i in the game on saturdy no good get rid

  13. We can be real fans and have an opinion. I’m a season ticket holder and have been for 35 years and I have very realistic views on what our expectations should be from players. For example I accept Dirk’s lack of skill but his effort is unquestionable. To the subject of Carroll. We all need to be honest and realise he was a mistake. Perhaps a mistake to appease the media driven ‘fans’ but a mistake none the less. All Managers make them you just hope you don’t make too many. Any Liverpool team needs to play football on the floor as all of our great mangers including Kenny have over the years. Carroll lacks pace, skill and the right attitude to be a Liverpool player and is not a proven goal scorer. We have 8 top players in our side. Pepe. Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique, Lucas, Gedrrard and Suarez. We need at least 3 more players to compete at the very top level but had we had any striker other than Carroll I believe we may have had a chance of top four even with the current squad

  14. Agree with the column 100%, don’t think he’s good enough to wear the jersey and even his general demeanour on the pitch annoys me.
    Say what you like about Torres but even when he went through his barren spells he still worked for the team by harassing defenders and running the channels etc.
    Rumours about him being a bad trainer are annoying too, the very least he could do is be professional and try everything in his power to improve and make an impact.


    • shankly paisley fagan would never have put up with half the performances that these players put in they would be out the club so fast. Living in the past stops us from progressing history is all very well but its not winning us leagues is it??????? It is the lack of progress that hurts so much we can not of failed to have improved on hodgson but the true barometer is have we improved since benitez left and the answer is a resounding no

  15. The days of the big tall striker in the premiership are gone they are to clumsey and far to slow for todays game. Speed and natural talent is what liverpool need young sterling is the way forward up there with suarez Liverpool have many young talents that needs to be blooded at this time of season as we have nothing to lose Steve G has lost heart with this team give him something to look forward to abring in our young talent

    • To say Steve G has lost his heart indicates to me your not a true fan! When hes played he has been our best player. 

  16. I don’t think I could ever forgive KD for wasting 100 million so recklessly. We should have at least two world class players for that and then next year we could’ve added another one till we finally had a team ready to take on United. Barcelona got 
    Fabregas for less than we paid for Carroll. I have no sympathy for Kenny it’s all his fault Liverpool are playing the way they are.

    • jesus!! is all you ever bang on about, is than 100 mill!! and how we could have 2 world class plsayer!! and how barca got the likes of fab, for less!! you tell me where these world class players are, the ones who will come play, wi no chakps league!! or 200k wages!! silly boy!!

      • Cuz the wasted 100 million bothers me that much, even more so that United moved farther away after we out spent them by millions. I’m sure Liverpool can still attract great players Kenny just never bothered looking beyond the UK.

      • Probably a bit of both, but I do think Kenny told 
        Camolli to look at British players only cuz he thought he could build the 70’s Liverpool team in the modern age.

  17. i’m sick of idiots who write blogs thicking they know what’s best. well answer this in a fuc*ing blog – what are your credentials? i’ll save you the time – none. write something positive you dreary little nobsack.

    • How about something that agrees with everything you think? That would be an interesting website and forum wouldn’t it? See earlier response to Daniel – why so aggressive? People are entitled to their opinion you know. Stop being so aggressive and put forward an articulate argument as to why you disagree.


    • Unfortunately, the game has changed since the likes of him – so being a thug won’t get you anywhere (well, in to the refs book!)….he needs to get in the box, yes – but f*in pointless if the ball never comes….give him next season, regular starter. If he is toss, get rid at a MASSIVE loss…be prepared to enjoy mid-table scrapping – just don’t have the quality anywhere really. And certainly not going to attract it finishing 8th (or below!).

  19. if you watch carroll play he makes no effort to make the runs into the box to get on the end of balls, it is like he cant be arsed. Thats not just me saying it many ex pros have commented on his lack of movement and willingness to get on the end of things. Richard our support is crap this so called myth of anfield being a cauldron of noise is exactly that a myth we reguarly get out sung at home by visiting support. We will sing our normal repatiore of songs then go quiet then when we score we sing for a bit and go quiet. Burying your head in the sand will not make the issues go away. I have supported liverpool through thick and thin and not just the glory days ie istanbul that alot of our support seems to have done. We are constantly being told of the supply of young players that is coming through well where are they and why not give them a chance.  We bought johnson when we had kelly and flanaghan, we bought enrique when we had robinson these players were deemed good enough last season with anothe season under there belt they would of progressed so much this season and saved us some money we could of used elsewhere. We were linked with jelavic for ages what happened there a goalscorer for £6m ??????? WE NEED TO STOP LIVING IN THE PAST AND MOVE OUR SELVES ON ONLY SO LONG YOU CAN LIVE ON PAST GLORIES

    • And if kelly and flano get injured? Flano has looked average at best recently, which is to be expected from a teen! Stop being so negative or support a different team. Your just a cling on to the rest of those ‘FANS’.

      • have you been watching the same games where flanaghan has recieved praise for being one of the better players on the pitch ??????? If flanaghan gets injured we have martin kelly and also andre wisdom a player being courted by a host of clubs should he be looking for first team opportunities. The fact is because people want immediate success they are unwilling to take the risk and bring these players through my arguement is that they are hungry young players who can do no worse than what is currently available. 

        • Bringing young players through is fine, but you cant hold all hope and expectations on kids. Look at the likes of Mark Noble of West Ham! Touted as the next big thing to come from West Ham, reportedly on Arsenals radar for years and now he plays at an average level. you need quality in the team to allow the young players to learn from. So no, I dont expect unlimited cover in all positions, I’m just realistic. 

      • Carragher covers if they get injured Daniel, but your response is a little pedantic. Surely your saying there must be unlimited cover for all positions, WHICH IS JUST IMPOSSIBLE! Asking someone (MichaelCushion) not to be negative when your responses to to him are just that, is rather hypocritical, we as Lfc fans should stick together, you both go to all the games it appears, so there’s no criticism of who’s the biggest or better fan, I think we can all agree this seasons league position is not good enough, it’s where the problem lies that is the issue and it’s not just down to Andy Carroll……..

        • I dont expect unlimited cover in all positions at all. You need quality and experience from the younger players to learn from. . . fact. I only criticise those ‘supporters’ who bring the club down, which isn’t unreasonable in my opinion.

        • I don’t disagree they need that around them. It seems you think that your opinion is valid and others aren’t , but maybe I’m wrong.

        • I think that everyone who posts on this thing believes their opinion is valid and others  aren’t. I’m not normally one for commenting on these things, but to see supposed fans be so negative about managers that have won champions league trophies (Rafa) and dug us out of 17th in the league is ridicules.  

      • Daniel, You are ridiculously aggressive. Just because fans care enough to criticise aspects of their team’s performance or the suitability of players to the team or their tactics does not mean they are negative and should “support a different team”. Believe it or not we live in a democracy where people are entitled to their opinion, even you. If you believe someone is wrong then that’s fine but there is no need to be so hostile to someone that doesn’t agree with you.

  20. any decend soccer fan can see how carroll runs…. yes, without his legs. He drags them all over the place and falls at that, and very elegantly for a man of his size and stature, his jump, run and shoots like a grandma. He is not suited to the liverpool way. He has to go. He doesnt get to the penalty area, he doesnot shove his way to get the ball into the net, he falls and falls…. and he’s damned good at it..

  21. it was’nt Carroll’s fault that liverpool paid so much for him, it was either bad scouting or liverpool will just have to be patient with him

  22. as the great shankly said…if yo can not support us when we lose or draw don’t support us when we win. It was as relevant a statement then as it is now. i expect jeering and walkouts at cfc or everton but at lfc no i will never accept that. we are famous for our support even in adversity now its turning into a library like old toilet

  23. I actually do not think its Carroll’s fault, well certainly not entirely! At Newcastle, this man was given the right kind of ball, and he thrived on it – wingers that actually crossed a decent ball to give him half a chance of heading it or being able to take a touch. He is a good finisher, we just don’t play the same style of football. You have to play him week in week out, and get the fitness and understanding with fellow teammates – then he will come good. Expensive – yes, but £50 million for Torres is silly money – so he was free really. We need to buy some quality out wide and then we should judge.

  24. why do people bang on about kenny’s dealings with the media “this” season. anyone who knows anything about King Kenny will know Kenny has never had a good relationship with the media. he distrusts them as he has every right to do so. As for Carroll well i trust Kenny and i do not believe Carroll has suddenly lost the ability to play football, we win games with him in the side so he must be doing something right. yes he should be scoring more but that’s football a few more quality additions in the summer could bring the best out of him. im sick of negative lfc fans its those negative fans and writers that are ruining this club and chucking away the famous lfc way. 

    • it is not negativity it is a response to the basic fact that we just have not been good enough. The signing have certainaly not been good enough. Carling cup wins may be deemed a success at the likes of birmingham and stoke and sunderland. It is most definatly good enough for liverpool. How are we going to get these quality additions if we finish 7/8 without champions league football to offer and the likes of chelsea and man city are throwing massive wages about like its confetti. We are at risk of becoming just another mid table side. We pay good money to go the match and have a right to expect to be (a) entertained and (b) that massively over payed players at least look like they can be arsed and when they dont then we have every right to criticise

      • Michael i hear your frustration …I too have been all the home games this season and the majority of the away games for the last two seasons. We have played some really good games this year and the next match the team is changed  ! why ? Players need to gel in competitive matches not just in training, they need a run together. I understand what your saying because i also think that a lot of our players are not to the standard that we have come to expect over the years, but we have the squad that we have and Kenny has to work with them. Every player in that squad should be able to step up on match days and be counted but some of them are just not good enough to wear the shirt. Im worried about next week because the shower from across the park have momentum at the moment and will be going in to this semi final full of themselves, our boys need to be off the mark from the first whistle to win this game coz they are going to be like terriers. and player for player at the moment i think they have a better team. Fingers crossed and lets all pull together. TYWA (THEY’LL NEVER WALK ALONE)

  25. jack wilshire, alex chamberlian, theo walcott, wayne rooney, need i go on all players who were much younger than carroll yet continue to make their mark in the premiership. Carroll was a proven premiership and international player when we bought him but has basically failed to make the step up in class. I think carroll was a comolli signing that was already set up as kenny had only just arrived at the club. While i believe kenny has to shoulder some of the responsibility damien comolli also has to recieve the lions share of criticism over the signing we have made. After the the disgrace of the newcastle game i for one think carroll should never have been allowed to wear the shirt again especially if his dressing room antics toward dalglish are to be believed. Lets cut our losses and move on. I would accept 2 years of nothing and bring a lot of the kids through lets give them a few years together like fergie did with his kids then have a team for the next 10/15 years

    • To be fair if you dont figure in the first 11 for more than 2 games on the trot then you wont perform to a high standard. Any REAL Liverpool fan would back the team/ manager and player through thick and thin. If you took the time to see what Carroll actually does on the pitch with the service he receives, you would think twice about the criticism you and man other ‘FOOTBALL FANS’ chuck at him. Go to a live game instead of watching match of the day. The so called football pundits, who ridiculed scholes’  return, dont know what they are on about, but the likes of you and many others follow their every word.

      • i have been to every game this season ????????  If i didn’t support through thick and thin then why am i continuing to buy tickets for me and my son ??? because of this then i feel i have a right to offer an opinion about what i am watching and how players are failing to perform. Players like bellamy and maxi dont get a sustained run in the team yet still manage to perform and give there all when called upon. Are we to be just a wimbledon style team dropping and lobbing balls to a big target man??? How about carroll uses his massive talent and adjusts to our style of play as shown by his run against newcastle before his frankly pathetic and massively embarising dive???  

        • With all due respect, you do not pay £35 million for a player to change the way he plays! You build your team around these players. He’s young, he has obviously got talent, as shown against Man City last season, and needs time to make his mark. 

      • Daniel someone that talks sence for a change. Im a season ticket holder and the frustration i feel when carroll is constantly left on the bench is terrible. Dalglish swaps and changes things far to often not letting the team have contnuity(poor speeling sorry), how do people expect carroll to perform to the highest level when most of the time he gets cameo apperances. 5mins here , ten mins there, hes even been brought on in the 90th min, its an embarrasment for the young man. If he was given a run in the team im sure he would of done a lot better.

        • I seem to recall a few years ago that a certain Mr Benitez was another like ranieri called tinker man because hr changed the team far too often. Is it just me but didn’t he keep playing players who had a good game on the pitch for the next game?
          As much as I along with thousands of fans love Kenny, but he needs to take a long hard look at what he is doing to moral by dropping players that have done well in the previous games.
          You mark these words because maxi won’t play the weekend nor will Shelvy. The only one guaranteed is brad Jones I am afraid.
          He will revert back to our old boring waste of money signings like downing, Henderson etc. Personally kuyt should start over any of these day in day out along with maxi, shelvy & anyone else that has proved that they want to play for LFC

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