Shame on you

A Liverpool fan (of 40 years apparently) phoned into The Wright Stuff on Monday to say that he was “ashamed” to now be called a Liverpool fan and that King Kenny was no longer the King in his eyes. Dozens more have phoned, emailed, tweeted to various radio stations, websites etc to convey a similar message.  For being so gullibly led by the gutter press in this country, these fans who have turned on their club should be ashamed of themselves.

The press and associated media outlets in this country have hounded Suarez since the original incident on the basis that any story that involves racism is a) likely to generate enormous interest and thereby sell more copies and b) enables them to take such a moral high ground because nobody ever dares to take the side of a person accused of racism. We should all perhaps remember that the definition of racism mentions nothing of colour but is simply a derogatory or offensive reference or prejudice against someone’s origins. The same gutter press will, in June, if England happen to play against France or worse Germany trot out the inevitable far more blatant racism that refers to national stereotype or the obvious World wars.

Ferguson, who doesn’t deserve a mention of his title, must be rubbing his hands with glee that he has had the opportunity to take a swipe at Liverpool and Suarez when absolutely nobody will have the guts to take the opposing view in public. If Suarez is hounded out of Liverpool and out of this country he will bask in the glorious achievement of yet another manipulation of the media and their mindless listeners and readers.

It is time for a little perspective. The most stupid thing that Suarez MAY have done is to mislead the club by saying that he was going to shake hands with Evra. However, we don’t even know that this is the case. In any event this is a matter for Liverpool to deal with internally.  If this matter is taken aside, it is no more than a snubbed gesture because Suarez still feels aggrieved at the complaint made by Evra. This does not warrant the coverage given and the hatred direction towards him. It is a handshake,  a false gesture before a football match that the FA impose on clubs to demonstrate supposed sportsmanship. It is a gesture that achieves nothing, other than to highlight ones that don’t happen (Terry vs Bridge, Terry vs Ferdinand). A hand shake after the game gives a far better indication of sportsmanship because the player is not compelled to shake hands with anyone and therefore by doing so can demonstrate a positive attitude to competition.

John Henry, Dalglish and Suarez have all issued apologies because they may finally have worked out that taking the wrong side in any disagreement about colour prejudice in this country is pointless, regardless of whether you have a valid argument or not. What is now worrying is that Suarez must feel he is the most hated person in the country when some of his own fans are turning on him and I doubt we will see him play football in England after the end of this season. Ferguson, the FA and the media are the only winners if that happens, not Liverpool.

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Shame on you

  1. I would like to know what really happened regarding the Luis Suarez  v   Evra Saga.No complaint was made by the refereree Mariner,it was only one man’s word that caused this almighty un-necessary furore.My point is,how can 3 people produce a 116 page document about this stupid incident.Evra admitted the Luis Suarez was NOT a racist,So both had something to say,so why was Evra not hauled over the coals too.No witnesses- No Evidence-and just the word of the 2 players involved in an argument.Why was only one man,ie,Luis Suarez made the scapegoat,and Evra got away with a clean sheet.Where is this document of 116 pages and why was it not made public?I personally would like to read this so called condemning document that truly made a great footballer,Luis Suarez,the villain of this unsavoury saga.Then,Ferguson hoots out that Liverpool should get rid of Luis Suarez as he was a disgrace to LFC.What a load of rubbish all this is.I do not believe something can be done by one man only when only 2 players were involved,and,get this,not a witness in sight.These 3 so called judges have a lot to answer for,as THEY have practically ruined the livlihood of a great person and a wonderful Footballer,and tried to shame the most popular club in the world.Show us publicly that DOCUMENT.Willyusnr a lifetime fan of LFC.

  2. As a Manchester United supporter, it is hard for me to admit, but I am ashamed at the way Evra, Ferguson, and United have behaved throughout this situation. Those of us who watched the games know Evra was the initiator in every instance (everyone see how easy that was to do?).

  3. Luis Suarez knows we love him and I still believe he will stay with us after the season. Furthermore, many of those “Liverpool fans” calling and emailing to say how embarrassed they are, are very likely lying about being LFC supporters to further their agenda.

  4. sir alex thinks its okay to have wife beaters and other hooligans in his team but refusing to shake hands of a man who caused him unnecessary grief and later start a primitive dance in front of him is to be disgraceful ….  all this is said by a so called manager who once blamed the anfield crowd for his club’s poor showing !!!!!!

  5. Well said. Ferguson had survived the ups and down of EPL by mastering the art of manipulation, deceit and mind games. Somehow, other managers and clubs had fallen prey to this mastery of dark art.

  6. Very good article but a little one sided. LFC has always upheld the highest standards for decades but lately some very poor decisions have been made. We have gone back to the Hicks & Gillets days by airing our dirty laundry in public at every chance we get. example: players wearing tee shirts to support Saurez. We should keep these things in-house. I was disappointed for Saurez at the weekend but cannot feel sorry for him. He gave King Kenny his word that he would shake hands with Evra and went back on his word. He then allowed King Kenny face the media under false pretences. How can any LFC supporter trust this player again? In football the bond between a manager and player is based on trust and I feel Saurez disregarded this. I hope Saurez see’s the error in his ways and by that I dont mean the racism row but the way he treated LFC and King Kenny last Saturday. United as a club will get there medicine especially when their £500 million bond is called in and hopefully they will suffer the same fate as Rangers who also preached the moral high ground for years. As for Ferguson, while the record books will show him to be a great manager, on a person level I believe him to be a bitter, corrupt, power hungry little man.

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  8. If we lose Luis Suarez because of the media and the owners and Manchester Exited then Kenny Dalglish has failed as a manager.   How many more talented young players are going to be hounded out of Anfield and out of the country by the gutter press and their mindless followers.  Has anyone seen the photo on Facebook and This Is Anfield?  It shows that actually Luis offered his hand and as the author says It Was A Handshake!  Get some grip on reality please, the lad has served his ban, despite being innocent and that is the end of the matter.  The fans need to get behind Suarez even more now and the players I am sure will do so as well.  Kenny needs to manage him very carefully now and give him the support that he needs and deserves.  I hope we do not lose him.  Let hope that some silverware and a couple of goals from him at Wembley lifts his spirits and does him the world of good.

  9. A ‘Ferguson fuelled witch hunt from the start’.

    Do you guys listen to yourselves? I can’t stand Fergie but you guys are paranoid beyond belief.

  10. I heard the idiot on Monday on the Wright show and could not believe what I was hearing. I tried desperately to get on the phone to reply but could not get through. I feel very let down by LFC hierarchy making Suarez and Kenny apologise. When you watch the footage Evra definietely lowers his hand after henderson has shaken his hand, yet no-one in the media has even mentioned this. Even Jocky hansen did not raise it on MOTD. I do not understand why the English media are so far up The purple nosed ones arse so much. In my eyes, Luis Suarez is right to feel aggrieved at both Evra and the FA. But even more of a worry and concern is that if he feeels the same about his own club who have, I think, left him out to dry for the sake of calming sponsors and the money men. Disgraceful. YNWA  JFT 96

  11. This is what we should all be thinking! I feel like I’m in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest–nobody will listen to us when we say “there’s no proof” when THERE IS NOT ONE SHRED of proof that Luis Suarez did something that, in his mind, was racist. The reason he didn’t shake Evra’s hand is that HE FEELS WRONGED. God this kills me just to think about. It’s how I feel in the United States sometimes when I dislike our president (any president or popular figure) and everyone blindly follows these corrupt idiots. Kills me. Suarez is our boy and he needs our protection, and Kenny will ALWAYS be the King. If you don’t stand by the club, go follow the mancs. 

    • Oh, how silly.  If you don’t agree with me, support Man Utd??  Who died and left you in charge?  When were you given the authority to determine who was a ‘proper’ supporter and who wasn’t.  Interesting that you don’t like ‘blindly following’ people, yet one could argue that you are blinded by your support for our club.  Still blind, just in a different direction.
      Proof wasn’t required.  Suarez admitted to using objectionable words.  He said he didn’t mean them to be racist, but if he didn’t, then why use them in the first place?
      I will always stand by LFC, but part of being a fan, and not a nut case, is knowing when your club has done wrong, accepting responsibility, and moving on.
      Blind support isn’t support at all.  It is just being a lemming.
      Can it really be that the whole world is wrong, and we are right?

  12. Oh poor us.  The whole world picking on us.  Since when did LFC move beyond criticism – beyond wrongdoing?  What a pile of garbage.  Suarez was wrong, period.  Dalglish never should have supported his position.  Had LFC dealt with this appropriately as soon as the ban was announced, there would never have been an issue.  It doesn’t matter if the handshake is staged – if it is fake as the author suggests, then why not shake Evra’s hand?  Suarez will always be a brilliant player, but he needs to grow up, and he needs to remember that the team is bigger than his petty problems.  No wonder he was slow last Saturday – he was playing with a massive chip on his shoulder!

  13. So refreshing to read such an inciteful and reasoned article that thankfully highlights hysterical folly of our shameless media. The maelstrom of hyperbole and hidden agenda that has fuelled this story has truly proved a sickening experience. Perspective is a rare but much appreciated antidote.

  14. A note on Ferguson….

    He has the audacity to call forLFC to get rid of a player
    who refused a handshake when he has kept players who were guilty of

    committing assault to a fan at a match;

    known drugs cheating offenses;

    using hookers (quite elderly ones too which should be
    another crime);

    having extra marital affairs with their in-laws


    All of which in my opinion are worse than refusing a
    handshake?  I ask you to question the credibility of anything Ferguson has to say!!!!

  15. Ferguson stated his goal was to “knock Liverpool off their f@@king perch…” Well he’s managed it on the pitch now seems to have an avenue to achieve this on a Worldwide basis. Mission accomplished.

  16. Well said and to those who are clueless, here is something for you to ponder upon;

    Lord Edmund Blackadder: HA! Got him with my subtle plan! Baldrick: I can’t see any subtle plan! Lord Edmund Blackadder: Baldrick, you wouldn’t see a subtle plan if it painted itself purple and danced naked on top of a harpsichord, singing “Subtle plans are here again!” 

    Let you guess who is who out of MANC

  17. Brilliant article. The media circus have no balls to go against the red evil manager. They pick on LFC.  Hands hakes should be banned before games. It defeats the purpose. A man has the right to choose who wants to shake hands with. Why do it if you dont mean it. The FA(arce) will sit and do nothing about it. Hypocrites to the core.

  18. I’m appalled by the idiocy of some so called fans;didn’t they learn anything from the repugnant lies printed in the gutter press after Hillsborough? As well as a constant underlying anti Liverpool stance in much of the media? I guessing, (or hoping) that these idiots are not Scouse. Turning against Daglish and LFC at a time like this is unforgivable. 

    The ethos of Bill Shankley words spring to mind:   
     “If you can’t support us when we lose or draw, don’t support us when we win” There’s also a lot of agent provocateurs around. The amount of mancs and bitters posing as Liverpool fans is pathetic, some more preoccupied with an unhealthy obsession with LFC, than following their own clubs. 

  19. Don’t you think it is equally embarrassing to stick up for
    your club just because they are your club? Too many people on both sides seem to defend their clubs position as a default. I think there is nothing wrong with holding your hands up and saying ‘I don’t like the way my club has handled this’. There has been too little honesty and too few attempts for reconciliation on all sides. No one comes out of it looking good and football is the loser. I will always love LFC but I haven’t seen much I can feel proud of recently.

    • Racism is a toxic topic. Once this accusation was made there would be no winners.  There is no good way to handle an uncontrollable media frenzy. The statements from the club have attempted to strike a balance in a very difficult situation. 

      • I completley agree there was never going to be a winner. The club has only tried to strike a balance in the last week and I hope it will finally diffuse the situation. In my eyes it has taken them too long to get to this point. It makes it very difficult to point out the many failings of the FA, the media and managers of other clubs if we take so long to achieve this balance.

        • The delay in dealing with the case by the FA created the vacuum that was filled with the clubs support for Suarez. At the same time the club restated its strong anti-racist position. What else could they do? The case was not then comprehensively proven (in my opinion) by the FA which has perpetuated the lack of a conclusion to the entire situation. The club has only been able to react as the timetable set out by others has unfolded. I agree there are weaknesses but we were mostly led into this mess by slow and inconclusive FA actions. It was extremely difficult for the club to regain the agenda at any time. Even now there are those asking for more apologies. Only Suarez knows in his heart what his motivations were for what he said. The club has done the best it could given the unfolding circumstances.

        • Sorry, I should have said I believe the club should not be beyond criticism just because you support it. However I have a great deal of sympathy with them for having to navigate a way out of this mess.

    •  I too love LFC – however it has always been the Liverpool way to handle this away from the Media and the crap that comes with it. The Liverpool family have always shown a strength and togetherness that other clubs could only dream of. 
      I agree with holding your hand up so long as it is done away from the media and public.

  20. Well done Nick, you are voicing what many Liverpool fans know to be true, there is no doubt Ferguson has manipulated the press, as he has done so many years before, and in Evra he has the perfect tool (and he really is a tool) to get at those he wishes to upset.
    I find it no coincidence that it’s Kenny Daglish that is on the receiving end, Kenny epitomises Liverpool and Ferguson knows this, in the all years past Ferguson has not even come close to crossing swords with any other Liverpool manager to this degree, clearly Ferguson is threatened by Kenny and is cashing in on all his years in the job to manipulate a gulliable yet willing press.
    As for the so called fans calling for Kenny’s head, these are not fans of Liverpool, they are Manchester United scumbags trolling, trying their hardest to upset Liverpool fans, but Liverpool fans can see right through, scum stinks and we can smell them a mile off.
    It’s about time an investigative journalist with some balls investigated what has happened here, there is something rotten going on, Evra is the key to this, there are so many things he has done that are extremely suspicious and given his past (Ringleader of the French squad walk out, the Chelsea groundstaff etc), this is very much his modus operandi.
    The Man U fans know this, they and Ferguson have been waging a campaign to deflect attention away from Evra, unfortunately, Suarez has responded with his heart rather than his head, but he does not have the benefit of years of deviousness and deciet that benefits Evra, nor does he have the mind games of Alex Ferguson to support him, he only has the most honourable football manager (KD) to stick by him.

  21. Those ex supporters will not be missed if they ever existed. I have been told of 3 individuals who are not and never have been Liverpool supporters, who have contacted radio and TV stations maliciously saying they were now not supporting Liverpool 2 are bluenoses and the other a manure supporter.  

  22. Good piece. The reports that John Henry is flying in to help repair the club’s reputation with fans makes me hope he realises that he also has to help repair the club’s reputation with its own fans. Making a great man like Kenny Dalglish apologise to Geoff Shreeves, a creature lower than a cockroach, is vomit-inducing, as is the sight of Ferguson, the most hypocritical figure in football, telling our club what to do. And what does our club, supposedly so keen to listen to its own fans, do in the wake of this? It drops any phone-ins from its own club channel in an unseemly rush not witnessed since Eastern European propaganda channels sniffed a slight scent of rebellion. So the fans are less in need of appeasement than a bank (a BANK!)? I don’t think so, and I’d urge Henry and Werner to wake up to that fact before they start losing their own fanbase.

  23. Indeed. You have to admit it though, Ferguson is a master of the slime game. Even though he is a b*s*a*d of the highest order and a hypocrite if there ever was one. 

  24. Finally someone has spoke a bit of sense. It’s been a Ferguson fuelled media witch hunt from the start and the only thing I am annoyed with is the way Liverpool have allowed themselves to be bullied by the media. Why couldn’t someone from the club come out with a statement like this and defend the clubs image.

  25. Not to mention the weekly spectacle of sky pundits bursting into laughter at the mis-pronunciation of foreign players names on Soccer Saturday. The hypocrisy of the media ‘who would love to be able to talk about the football’ makes me sick.

    • Not to mention Cantona assaulting a fan and Ferguson deeming if perfectly fine that he continues playing. But Suarez refuses to shake a hand and it’s absolutely disrgraceful and he should be sacked! Hypocrite.

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