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It’s no secret that our club is in serious trouble. We have owners adding debt onto our club, fans looking to buy our club and amongst all this we have on the field problems. I know I know, we have just gone out and beat Sunderland 3-0 in a great home performance, but does one match really change the mind set of our entire team? With all of our current problems I believe it’ll take more than just a whooping 3-0 victory over Sunderland to get the reds back on form. Especially since we are away to Chelsea on Sunday a fixture we haven’t won since the 2003/04 season.

I would like to talk for a minute about our American owners George Gillette and Tom Hicks. Now when this duo took over at Anfield we were promised better players and a new stadium, now 12 months down the line what do we have? Fears that we won’t get the new stadium and £100 million of debt. In all fairness they did fund the best signing for years, Fernando Torres ‘El Nino’. Myself personally I feel like the yanks should stick to American football and the NFL as they clearly don’t have the funds or the mental capacity to cope with both the NFL and the Premiership.

Also let’s take the time to talk about the fans attempting to buy our club. I must admit it is a refreshing idea and it would be a fantastic thing to see and it is a tribute the Liverpool fans as I believe no other fans in the world would even attempt it. However, I feel that the men who came up with it never thought it completely through, the 100,000 men who would give the money would face a problem when it comes to players wages, Transfers and of course the current debt on the club. It is a shame as these kopites are clearly die hard supporters and you had better believe that if I had the funds myself I would be right up there with them. I have no doubts that a real fan would do a better job as chairman or manager than the current ones we have now. But it is very hard to see it happening.

Finally, I wish to discuss the biggest question in Liverpool at the moment.

‘Is Rafael Benitez the right man to take the reds to the top?’

In my opinion, no. I am not saying that off recent results however, that comes from his intentions and his tactics. Yes. The rotation policy, a thorn in mine and I’m sure everyone else’s sides. I don’t agree with it. I feel that in order to have a championship winning team you need a starting 11 that doesn’t change except in cases of injury or suspension so that the players can get used to each others strengths and weaknesses.

For example Jamie Carragher and Daniel Agger are a match made in heaven as they know each others game, however if they keep getting changed around then it will change Liverpool’s overall performance.

I mean you can guarantee that at other clubs certain players are certain to play this weekend, for example you can guarantee that Rooney and Tevez will play this weekend. For Liverpool who are guaranteed to play against Chelsea. Gerrard, Carragher, Torres and Reina. It’s not enough. I believe that Rafa only has one intention at Liverpool. That is to win the European cup again. I’m not complaining, another European cup would be great but, we need a manager who listens to the fans and the fans all want one thing, THE PREMIER LEAGUE TITLE.

Its what we want and it’s what we need to get the respect and fear that England’s most illustrious club deserves. I mean we haven’t had one for 17 years now and a club like Liverpool needs one.

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Oby’s Opinion…

  1. Well done mike lad looks gd

    I agree i don’t think that rafa can win us the league he is a cup manager with every intention of winning another european cup not that i would mind but being 16 and only not seeing the reds win the league is disapointing. Rafa should listen to the fans and realise that we wont the holy grail i mean it has been 17 years since we last had it.

    Rotating a thorn in everybody’s side simple as that.
    Even the players dont know whos goin to be playin.

    As for a new manager i would like to see O’neil.

  2. I’m in total agreement, Liverpool under Benitez are never going to be a serious championship threat. I said this in the middle of the last campaign and I see no reason to think that my views are in danger.

    A side that wins the league needs continuity, Reina needs to know the 4 defenders in front of him, Gerrard needs to know that if he bombs forward he going to be covered and Torres needs to be able to strike up a partnership with 1 player.

    In principal the resting of players looked a sound idea, in reality, however, it’s proved to be a thorn in the Reds side, players look bemused, they also look as if their not enjoying themselves, a thing that should be at the forefront of the managers mind, a team that enjoys playing produces results. Speaking of the way we play, what happened to playing like Valencia did when they gave us a lesson, I see no comparison, sorry I do, to Wimbledon, the number of times the ball gets lumped forward is ridiculous and not the least bit ‘the Liverpool Way’ which this season has seen it’s death, both on and off the field, I hope DIC somehow change Yanks mind and they sell up.

    Unfortunately, I also feel that we will all have to put up with this damned rotation system we’ve witnessed from our manager, is he the only person who can’t see the damage it’s doing, I remember the days of Shanks and Sir Bob, both stubborn men but they knew when something needed changing even if it was the way THEY thought that was wrong.

    At the end of the day Rafael Benitez and Liverpool Football Club have a duty to entertain the public that spends a considerable amount of money each week to watch there dreams unfold before them, at the moment we are watching them being torn to shreads because our manager, who, in my view, was dangerously put on a pedistal after Istanbul, is unwilling to admit when he is wrong. I think it is time to move on, we need to replace Benitez as soon as possible, it’s going to be a difficult situation to be in but I’d rather do it now than in the summer as the new man would have the rest of this season to settle in and, maybe, when he brings the new blood we so clearly need we may just challenge for that illusive number 19, having said that a change at the helm may not bring the title but I’d like to see the old pass and move style back at Anfield. By the way my choice would be O’Neill or John Toshack.

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