OBY’s Dugout- Arsenal (A)

Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool.


Well, amongst Everton, United and Chelsea, Arsenal have become a fairly moderate rival to the reds. However, they have been our main rivals in the race for 3rd and 4th place in the league over the last few years and despite their current slump, they remain a top four side. Therefore any match against them remnants a big fixture.


In my opinion, the first 25 minutes had to belong to Arsenal. That’s not to say that we didn’t have our chances but Arsenal did overpower us. As for their goal, it has to be said that Nasri’s ball down to Van Persie was an amazing pass. It was as far away from a typical Arsenal goal as you could find, but a great pass with a great finish no the less. What of Keane’s third goal for the reds in the Premiership? Well, it was a great finish from Robbie, it could be said it was the kind of finish we bought him for. Despite both goals being of route 1 origin, two amazing strikes saw the game go into half time at 1-1.


So to the second half and unfortunately, a goal- less half of football. Once again, Arsenal came out looking the better side. UNTIL! On the 62nd minute and Emmanuel Adebayor’s sending off. Now as always, some will argue that it wasn’t a red card, others would say that he deserved it. In my opinion the two challenges when brought together did deserve two yellows.


So, a good result for us on a whole, but when you consider we played 28 minutes a man up, and we already hold victories over both United and Chelsea. Also, my policy against Dirk Kuyt remains.  

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OBY’s Dugout- Arsenal (A)

  1. i know you like Liverpool but- you have to be kidding me about the yellow cards

    Reira clearly elbowed vp in the head and nothing is called
    Lucas did like 100 fouls and no cards ?

    referee’s need consistency their decision has tarnished our well earned point

    and Arbeloa dived like a bitch
    Liverpool is strong straight forward football at its finest- referees and play acting ruin everything i hate it

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