OBYs Dugout – Sunderland (A)

OBY’s Dugout

Sunderland 0-1 Liverpool

Well, Its back. The new look OBY’s Opinions. Welcome to the first issue of the Dugout. And I’m not all that’s back, The FA Premier League returned for it’s 17th season yesterday and prior to kick off Liverpool fans must have been happy. We had an unbeaten Pre-Season, We signed an all new £20 million striker to partner El Nino and the Evertonians are crying over there lack of transfers. It only got better before our season kicked off as the bitters suffered a 3-2 defeat at the hands of Blackburn. Finally they found out how it feels to lose courtesy of a last minute goal.

There was however one shadow that had to be on the mind of all those who chant the name Liverpool. Our nightmare night over in Belgium in which the reds were taught a lesson by Standard Liege. But that will be settled at Anfield next week.

So to the match and all the pre- match optimism must have suffered a serious blow during the first half as Sunderland took control of the game. The first half perhaps showed that youngster Damien Plessis may not be completely ready for the Premier League just yet. Fair enough it was his Premiership debut but out central midfield was just not strong enough as Gerrard played his usual role, all over the midfield. It was too much for Plessis.

So the second half and a change. Plessis for Alonso. The European Championship winner was instrumental in the second half for Liverpool. No doubt that our performance was much better in the second half mostly due to the efforts of Xabi Alonso. The most unfortunate moment of the match involved both Torres and Keane. As Benayoun’s shot is saved by Craig Gordon and as both Torres and Keane approach the ball for a surely goal bound tap in. Confusion strikes and as Torres makes connection with the ball, the ball connects with Keane and goes out for a Goal kick. At this point many of us were surely thinking we would start the season with a 0-0 draw. Until, El Niño does what he does best and pulls out a wonder strike from nowhere. Sinking all hopes of us starting the season without a win as the Reds held on for the 1-0 victory.

Only one more subject which needs discussion regarding yesterday’s game. The Premier League debuts of Andrea Dossena and Robbie Keane. Personally I feel that neither was outstanding. Keane was silent and Dossena was shaky. True we are still yet to see Torres and Keane firing on all cylinders but let’s hope we don’t have to wait to long for it. Dossena can be forgiven for his shaky performance as he is surely still adjusting to the team and the league, but let’s hope he improves.

So overall a great first day for the Premiership, and Liverpool. Hopefully there will be many left to come. And that’s it for the first issue of the dugout, as always, let me know what you think.

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OBYs Dugout – Sunderland (A)

  1. good article lad
    always difficult playing a team like sunderland on the opening day, their fans are always right up for it, and so were they. but in the second half i felt we stifled them and got a deserved goal, cause lets face it, they were bloody lucky to get off with that torres/keane fiasco.
    one other thing – “finally everton know how to lose in the last minute” – we beat them in the last minute at goodison last year.

  2. Agree with most of it – the positive is that BOTH Keane & Torres were there for the rebound and BOTH could have scored it. Someone needs to put an arm around Robbie now and just tell him to relax and play his own game. The reason for the confusion and goal-line clearance (!) by Keane was his desire to score the first Liverpool goal is too high….

    With Dossena (and Degen when he’s fit), i think his game is going to improve when he can bomb forward with more confidence. a couple of times he’s gone up, he’s left Agger, for example, exposed is because we don’t have masch to cover him. plessis is experienced enough yet and that is not completely natural for alonso to do, either. Barry – if we ever get him – would automaticaly cover Doss if he pushes on during a move. with time and Masch back (and hopefully Barry coming), then the Italian will flourish

    Overall, the second half i was much happier with. lets build on this and win more of the games we drew last season….

    YNWA – in rafa…..

  3. It was not Plessis’ Premiership debut, he played against Arsenal last season. And he did ok to be fair to him, kept things easy, and he picked up a knock.

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