OBYs Dugout – Villa (A)

OBY’s Dugout

Aston Villa 0-0 Liverpool

Well, not much of the match I care to remember to be honest. Torres injured and our 100% record down the drain? Not exactly a good day at the office. Although, amidst all the negative, there is a ray of light making it a bit easier. We are still unbeaten and despite numerous performances which were; shall we say, below expectations? We are still managing to pick up points.

So, to the match itself and I think you’ll agree with me when I say that we were dreadful in the first half. Plus the loss of Torres didn’t help. However, his replacement Ngog didn’t do a great job. Although when he and Keane linked up to create the shot for Ngog that was unfortunately deflected over the bar. Villa were no doubt the better team in the first half.

So to the second half and no changes really to either side. However, Liverpool had a new attitude and rejuvenated spirit as we came out all guns blazing. Creating a few chances early on in the second half. It wasn’t enough though as Villa started to control play once again and towards the end mount an effective offence which had us reeling to stumble over the finish line. What about the penalty claim? Personally I say yes, But what about you? The only other thing to say about the second half is the improvement I saw in Andrea Dossena. The left back certainly upped his performance. Unfortunately it just wasn’t enough. To be honest the final whistle came as sum what of a relief as a result of the performance we put in.

Personally, I am having a hard time naming a man of the match, from either team and not because there are too many to choose from. Because hardly any player had a good game yesterday. Who would you give the award to? I just don’t know.

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OBYs Dugout – Villa (A)

  1. Poor performance but not beaten by Martin O’niel and his men who wanted to win this game more than any this season.
    Put your dummy back in Martin.
    Come and get us D.I.C. or you may miss out, cos one day someone else will take us over??
    Soon I hope

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