Oby’s Opinion on … the Bolton game

The Match

Well, there’s skill and then there’s luck. And there’s no doubting that Gerrard’s goal took one of the biggest slices of luck ever. It was a courageous shot to attempt that early on in the game, especially with no pressure of a Bolton goal in the game. I’m not complaining and I feel Stevie should try more of them if he has that much luck, but I must admit, sometimes El Capitano shoots when there is a better option, sometimes with disastrous results but often with spectacular results (i.e. Olympiacos and the super strike against West Ham.) And then of course. There was the Dutch winger’s goal. A lovely ball through to Babel who took on the defenders and slotted the ball into the bottom left hand corner of Jaaskelainens goal. The goal was even better considering that previously in the game Ryan had had 2 chances in almost the exact same position and the keeper had saved them both. Well done Ryan. And then in my opinion the best goal of the game. Fabio Aurelio’s wonder strike. Now I’ve seen us try the move from the corner many times and it has either been intercepted or the shot went horribly wrong. However Fabio took it perfectly. There was only one blemish on the game. The Bolton goal. Sadly our defence showed how much we are missing Dan Agger. Our Centre Backs were sucked into the middle creating the opening for the striker who had an unchallenged free header on the goal.

Summer Signings

Last week I commented on who was the best summer signing and a hell of a lot of you all chose our new star striker El Nino. Now I ask, who you feel we should buy in this coming summers transfer market.

Perhaps, you think we need another 20 goal a season striker to partner Torres or a young defender for the full back position. Or if you really want to go crazy what about a new central midfielder. Personally I feel that we need a new striker to partner Torres and get the goals that will take us to the top of the premier league. How about David Villa from Valencia. We already know that he can play alongside Torres, we see that for Spain and he is young so he can adjust his game to suit the style of the premiership. What about another Dutch striker in Jan Huntelaar from Ajax. He is a fast young striker who is by far the best striker in the Eredivisie. What about a defender from AC. Kaladze a right back who Benitez apparently had his eye on last season but never put a bid in as a result of the Torres transfer. So who do you think then Villa, Huntelaar or Kaladze. Or someone completely different. Let me know.

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Oby’s Opinion on … the Bolton game

  1. Mike ,
    I must admit, when you told me you wanted to be a football journalist, I was quite sceptical because it is a tough career to follow. However, after having read these entries, I believe that you do have the potential to do it. Go for it :).
    Much Love ,

  2. get huntelaar hes young quick and scores goals he should have been bought instead of kuyt sorry dirk. id buy aaron lennon of spurs and wayne bridge of chelsea not that they would sell to us and id move jc back to right back then we could have agger and skrtel as our centrebacks best defence in premiership , last but not least rafa to stop rotation policy then finally we might challange for the league

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