Oby’s Opinion’s on the Derby

Liverpool 1-0 Everton

Once Again red is the colour in Merseyside. Yes we have dominated this season and even though it was with little resistance from our city rivals, it wasn’t easy. (I have to say that.) Oh hell, the Evertonians should be shamed by their team’s performances in both derbies this season.

One shot on target all game back in October and only one shot on target on Sunday. They were terrible.

I mean we even scored for them last time and then this time we never even got the chance to do that. In the first half we dominated. With the goal coming from El Nino on just 7 Minutes. Of course the Evertonians will say it was a foul on Yakubu. That is complete crap. A lovely touch from Torres to set himself up for his first goal in a Merseyside derby and his 21st Premiership Goal. It is a wonder how we didn’t score more than one in the first half. Gerrard hit the post, Babel should’ve put a foot out and Kuyt was unlucky.

Plus, our defence may as well have brought deck chairs, they were unchallenged. So 1-0 up and playing the way we were, the fans could be forgotten for feeling slightly smug. I will admit however that Everton began playing better in the second half. Still useless but at least they got the ball into our area. Hyypia and Skrtel did a great job at boxing out ‘The Yak’. However, Everton’s rush of blood only lasted the first 20 minutes of the half because once again the reds dominated. I was gutted when Gerrard’s shot was saved by Howard.

Two more things worth commenting on is Phil Jagielka’s performance. I feel that when he saw Gerrard and Torres breathing down his neck he hit the panic button. Also, and this is a personal thing – the nickname, ‘The Yak’ I hate it. A Yak is long haired bovine, similar to a Water Buffalo and an antelope. It is possibly the worst nickname ever. What do you think?

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