OBY’s Opinion’s on the Newcastle Game.

The match

Well… When your lucks in and Jermaine Pennant’s luck was most definately in. I feel it is the wrong corrected. We conceded one just like that to Chelsea in the Carling Cup and that is just the balance levelling out. I’d say I felt sorry for Newcastle but the goal was coming and the only shock about it was the scorer. Now we seem to be out of our usual season slump and just before we lost touch of the ‘Kirkby-goers.’

As for my Man of the Match award. It speaks for itself, It can’t just go to one man can it? Obviously Torres and Gerrard receive the title. Their partnership looks to be the best find of Rafa’s for a long time. Gerrard’s midfield presence and forward runs along with Torres’ speed and skill on the ball combine with both of their skills for finding good positions makes for a partnership made in heaven.

I think we all know that the next three matches after the Reading game is the crucial point in our season. Man Utd (A) Everton (H) Arsenal (A). We have to at least win the derby other wise we could just be handing forth place to Everton. I could however see us coming home from our visit to Old Trafford with a point. Providing that El Nino and Gerrard continue linking up as well as they currently are. I have been getting told (By Evertonians) that Torres would do terrible against a good defence. I can’t wait for the derby. If he scores, they’ll never hear the end of it.


£18.4 Million. And he’s sat in the stands. It is a shame he got injured during the game against Inter. Since his signing his next two games he was playing brilliantly and then he unfortunately got injured. Isn’t it horrible the way events play out. Now we have to play Lucas in the Defensive midfield role. As good a player as he may be, he is no Javier.

DIC- Selling or Not?

Now I don’t know about you, but I am getting pretty tired of this controversy about whether or not Hicks will sell up to Dubai International Company. We’re in the headlines alright. But not for our football. We are currently playing better than any other team in the league and are being over shadowed by some American Fatheads and the Prince of Dubai.

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OBY’s Opinion’s on the Newcastle Game.

  1. Your a tool. I watched the game and the goal was not coming at all. Playing better football than anyone in the league??? I think Barnsleys playing pretty well myself. I mean who hasn’t beat NUFC three nil this season?

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