Liverpool linked with Elia

Eljero Elia currently plays in the Bundesliga

Eljero Elia currently plays in the Bundesliga

According to the Sunday Mirror, Rafa Benitez has identified 22 year old Eljero Elia as the attacker to bring to Anfield in the January window.  The news was first reported over in Germany a fortnight ago.

The paper reports his valuation at around £15M but Liverpool will, as usual, have to sell to buy.  Dossena and Babel are the two players to be sacrificed, although it is doubtful whether the reds could even recoup £15M in total for those two players.

Both Dossena and Babel are on the fringes of their national squads and the reds will be keen to seal a permanent deal rather than a loan move for both players – who need regular football to ensure they go to the World Cup next summer.

Elia is currently playing as a forward for Hamburg in the Bundesliga and has now made 3 appearances for the Dutch national side.

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Liverpool linked with Elia

  1. exchange babel with elia…sell lucas and aurelio..and also masch to barca with 30 milion pound and get yaya toure as the sell of masch..liverpool have to get lennon.. get hunteelar or van der vaart to be with torres… or maybe lyon man’s lisandro lopez…

  2. liverpool really need a good forward
    they should sell babel, dossena skrtel- coz liverpool need to tighten up the back and if they still don’t get 15 mil then sell voronin or lucas-coz they aren’t linking good.
    you can’t sell riera coz he is good down the left with the crosses to torres and kuyt

  3. I like elia and i think he would be good for us but he might just be like babel good sometimes and crap other days we need van der vaart ,simon kjaer is a good defender with lots of promise and we need a proven goalscorer like dzeko or hunterlaar and we need a playmaker like giovinco or hamsik for when gerrard and benayoun get injured

  4. I say dossena,riera,babel,voronin out&for once lets buy 2/3 quality players like bojan to help torres,lennon to play on right wing in place of kuyt who doesnt create much&silva to play on the left,instead of buying more fringe players who no one has heard of& just end up to be flops,although for this to happen we need new owners first who would care for the future of the club&not this idiots who are there to destroy LFC

  5. guys have been fans of LFC for how long? a couple of seasons? clearly we need extra players with quality to come in.and an attacker to help out torres.lucas has been doing good.babel and riera? totally bulls***. it would be good for elia to make a move.and good for babel and riera to prove their worth or head out the door.

  6. please, don’t let Babel go. he is e good playes, you can change dossena and kyriakos with Elia….
    Babel is the best you must know he score every time

  7. rafa learn from wenger his transfer dealings bring a profit every year. use that computer to find out when players cant produce the good performances needed for the reds and deal them. some players are past there prime. bring up pacheo,kelly, and possibly some more instead of paying millions for overated imports

  8. This could be another gamble. At £15m this guy isn’t even worth half the British transfer record fee. The majority of top 4 clubs with the excpetion of Arsenal have got 1-2 strikers in the £25 – £32m bracket. For example Man city have got three in this bracket and the other 2 out and out forwards cost either the same or slightly more than Elia. Still shopping on Gumtree for players, having to make a few deals before we can bring anyone in.

  9. Hope we’d buy Elia. But selling Babel & Dossena can’t bring that money. If Barca got their hands to Mascherano on 30m. So, that would be great for liverpool. Plenty of money to buy Elia and some other talents….
    Lets c what happens…..
    Babel is anice player, too. But I think we’ll have to wait to see, what he really is made up of? But wait is the ony thing that can’t be done in Premier League. Like Rafa is waiting for Lucas, to get to the top…..
    Hope things can get better with Elia…

  10. Another voronin? LOL your crazy this player has talent ya it will take time for him to settle but he does have the pace to play in the epl as for the trade I have no idea how it will hapen and if it is really true hope it is

  11. need to sign him..he just like lucas n voronin..nemeth is better!..y should we take sum1 from such inferior league…there r so many talented players in epl such as milner lennon…go for these guys rafa…come on rafa..r u out of ideas???!!!!…

  12. Babel was also supposed to have great talent but has failed to impress.Could it be that Rafa just can’t get the best out of players??.

    Dossena and Babel should move on but their are also rumours that Mascherano could be sold to Barca for £30 million.

  13. Remember all the rave notices about Babel, he still hasnt reached the heights he is capable of and we are not the most patient of supporters just now

  14. just looked up his stats with hamburg 17 appearances 5 goals 5 assists 26 shots 15 on goal. hes young and it might really work. it appears he tries hard could be another young dirk. but soccer is a crazy buisness not to many make it

  15. Rafa is doing everything he can to destroy our team. he should not sell Babel instead he should sell the one who is commiting alot of free kicks and that is Lucas

  16. If he were to sign for Liverpool….Albert Riera gonna have a run for his money!
    Reality check here,…..EPL is the toughest league in the world…can he stand the pace? Will he trod the path that Babel is heading now,blazing in the Holland league,but chicken out when comes to EPL.
    If he were to come to Liverpool,they gonna have to beef him out real quick to be a threat to the opponents.
    Having said that,I certainly look forward to him displaying his wares in a Reds shirt.
    Credits to the Liverpool talent scouts for recommending him.
    He sure has the skills to make it in the league.Question is, is the fire in his belly big enough to stomach all this?
    Only time will tell……

  17. yh wouldnt mind buying him and getting huntelaar and van der vaart both on loan in january that should be enough to help us for the rest of the season then we are getting a better squad together. But i really dont want us to sell babel cause i can still see him becoming a great player.

  18. I agree very talented love this guy!! i hope he comes so bad, yeah they prob will only come up with 10 or 11 mil, but don’t they have some money left from the Alonso deal?

  19. Exchange Elia for Babel. Babel to HSV en Elia to Liverpool.
    That would be a nice trade.

    Elia will give Liverpool something extra

  20. That would be so great! I’ve seen him play at Twente and HSV. A great talent! Although Liverpool will never get 15 million for Babel and Dossena.. 10 million in total at most..

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