Liverpool stars linked with Anfield exit

According to media reports Javier Mascherano, Fernando Torres and Emiliano Insua are the reds most likely to head out of Anfield this summer.

Milan Jovanovic, due to arrive on a free transfer after the World Cup, could damage Liverpool’s striker shortage even more by instead following Rafa to Inter Milan.  It is understood that Liverpool Football Club have not contacted the player since Rafa was forced out 19 days ago.

Insua’s is believed to be targeted by Fiorentina, Fernando Torres by Barcelona and Javier Mascherano, currently captaining his country and learning Italian, is a target of both Barcelona and Inter Milan.

Speculation suggests that Barcelona are interested in Fernando Torres at around £38M.

With Liverpool still managerless, and with some players’ World Cup campaigns ending soon it appears that speculation will only intensify.

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Liverpool stars linked with Anfield exit

  1. If masch wants to go then let it be, I wouldn’t be upset over it. Now, Torres must stay @ all cost, he will do well. I believe Roy should try and lure Xabi Alonso back to where he belong, he will undoubtedly receive the best reception of his life, with him in the squad who needs Masch!
    The biggest concern are those yanky yanks, will they help to boost the squad. I doubt it, that is why we the FANS should help to boost the squad morale and to keep the most AWESOME club from sinking

  2. i have been a fan/koppite since before shanks and i cant remember the club in such a state.if torres wants to go then get rid but only if we get a lot of money for him and he goes abroad,masch and insua are no great loss.i blame rafa for selling alonso and arbolea,that was our undoing last season.

  3. Don’t mind seeing Mash or Insua leave but Torres must stay.Selling him or Gerrard would be an admission of Liverpool no longer being a genuine contender for any competition.The owners ain’t going anywhere either for the next few years.

  4. i heard barnes, dalglish, rush and fowler were all coming back to play for liverpool! what a rumour

    if these players go then they are clearly not that fond of liverpool and only interested in CL football, rather than trying to retain liverpool to the top of the PL which is where we should be aiming for. They are not even guaranteed CL success at most clubs.

  5. Well this is what you get when you bomb a perfectly good world class manager, a manager that has had some of the games biggest clubs beating down is door in recent years, a manager that has just joined the current European Champions. Yes folks, Rafa really is that good. Great work Mr Purslow and Mr Broughton. You’ve managed to bring a 118 year old institution to its knees as have those of you that campaigned to get Rafa axed. Hope you’re proud of yourselves.

  6. LFC need new owners to progress and this will only happen when RBS stop stalling and redeem their new tag in the City these days – ROYAL BETRAYED SCOUS.ERS. There has been more than enough time given to sorting this out – GET ON WITHIT

  7. Hello Anfield Online

    I feel that media come out with so much crap, do you think Liverpool would sell tores for £38, double that and maybe yes. If Masch wants to go then let him go but Tores owes us a season at least!!

    The big thing that all Liverppol fans should do is get Purslow to give Kenny the job so he can motivate and build the squad..

    Thank you

  8. more rubbish rumours…… did you hear about that one about Steve McManaman coming out of retirement to play for Liverpool and that Kenny Dalglish was doing the same?

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