Torres agent suggests transfer move

Liverpool striker Fernando Torres could  move to either Chelsea or Man City in a multi-million pound transfer, according to comments by his agent.

Despite assurances from Liverpool chairman, and Chelsea supporter, Martin Broughton that Liverpool don’t need to sell players – Liverpool are now in debt to the tune of almost £500M after a disastrous period of ownership under Hicks and Gillett.

The reds’ number 9 is believed to be underwhelmed by the replacement of Rafa Benitez by Roy Hodgson.

Torres’ agent said:

‘It is very likely that Fernando Torres will stay in the Premier League, but I cannot say that it will be with Liverpool. We are working on his future but right now you cannot guarantee that he will stay with the English club.’

Both Chelsea and Man City are rumoured to have made offers that the Liverpool board have provisionally accepted.

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Torres agent suggests transfer move

  1. If the Reds get 50mil for this guy than so be it. We can use that money to sign players who show up more often than once every 6 games. GET ARJEN ROBBEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why is everyone jumping on the band wagon? Gerrard said he would never leave liverpool, that he was a Scouse through and through. Can’t anyone see that Torres is not a well man? He came back too soon after his operation. Let him get fit. His agent is mad to want to make him move. He probably wants to cause an upset among the Platers and the Fans!!

  3. town club to further his ambitions. If we cannot match that then it’s only natural that he may look elsewhere. Personally I think it would be disrespectful if he did leave and personally I don’t want players that don’t want to play for us, but this isn’t really wild scare mongering is it?

  4. Don’t think we should be bashing anfield online here folks. Agents are hugely influential figures in football these days. Most of these players have had their every whim looked after by an agent from the time they signed their first pro contract and in some cases before players have even gone pro. Clearly part of Torres’ motivation for signing for us was the lure of CL football and Rafa Benitez, both of which we no longer have. I’m not questioning his loyalty, but he left as captain of his home

  5. If they want to sell Torres, it should’nt be Chelsea or man city who will come back to hunt us down with Torres. Let him go back to Spain.It is better that way. bacelona will be glad to welcome his signature.

  6. Worrying story though, especially when you consider our chairman is a Chelsea season ticket holder. Be realistic people, the banks will dictate whether we sell or not. As long as the debt is serviced Hicks and Gillet don’t give a monkeys who comes and go’s.

  7. wot all the fuss about its liverpool who will decide if he can go im sure we will not sell him to are rivals? go to chelsea are city is a big step down and im sure he knows this?

  8. Correction!.His agent hopes that Torres will want a move so that he can fill his own pockets in the process.Today this very person has denied making any such comment so lets just wait until Torres meets Hodgson.If we decide to sell then it should be for atleast £70 million or £100 million minimum if Gerrard joins him.Perhaps with that kind of money we could build a team rather then depend on two exceptional individuals.

  9. …No it dose not You are just as blind as the rest of us and are FEAR MONGERING just like common media outlets. What a load of speculative pretentious and utterly ridiculous crap you have posted.

    If he dose leave then fine print something then but don’t make speculations based on pure heresy evidence and suggestive talk please because it doesn’t help anyone.

    • And low and behold his agent deny’s saying anything. Anfield Online maybe just maybe you’ll think twice before joining the sensationalists of the general media next time because it’s simply left you with egg on your face hasn’t it ?!

      • No.

        We remember similar comments from Mascherano’s agent last year. Which his agent then denied.

        Which Mascherano then admitted were true.

        We take decisions on what articles we choose to publish. There is a serious doubt as to whether Torres will be at Liverpool next season and we are fully aware of how agents like to play the ‘we did” ‘we didn’t’ game.

        We stand by our article.

        • Im sorry but it’s the same stuff thats being churned around in all media outlets since the end of the season and maybe he may yet go but I feel that articles like this one are simply counter productive and telling us nothing that we already don’t know. The article is overly suggestive making big claims like he “is believed to be underwhelmed by the replacement of Rafa Benitez by Roy Hodgson.” and “Both Chelsea and Man City are rumoured to have made offers that the Liverpool board have provisiona

        • “Provisionally accepted” when you cannot know this information as fact and it is shear foolhardy to suggest otherwise.
          Wont you just admit you are coming to your own conclusions and sensationalising the story further in order to work us fans up into a frenzy (A frenzy which non of us need rite now)
          I am sorry but tarnishing Torres with the same brush as Mascherano is also a weak argument as their circumstances are completely different.

        • Maybe not from the sense of agents playing mind games ! Of course we all know they do that but both players arrived at the club under different circumstances; Torres arrived having thought long and hard about leaving his boyhood club to play for Liverpool. Mascherano on the other hand was salvaged by Rafa having been left to rot at west ham and (it could be argued) never truly settled here as his and his agents moaning would seem to suggest.

  10. Ow cum on ! What is it with people ? Why dose everyone seem to know that Torres is moving when he’s not said two words about it at all.
    Every player agent makes speculative suggestions about their players if only to keep their options open but that dose not mean he is defiantly leaving.
    “both chelsea and man city are rumoured to have made offers that the liverpool board have provisionally accepted” So dose that mean that Anfield Online know what the board are doing ?

  11. As much as I’d hate to see them go, I second Digger’s opinion. If they aren’t going to give it their best shot, I’ll gladly take up ‘arms’ for the club I actually care about.

  12. If he doesn’t want to stay with us then I’ll gladly drive him to Eastlands or Stamford Bridge or wherever his agent is trying to get him a move. Anyone that doesn’t wanna die for the club can get stuffed, and that includes Gerrard as well, and Broughton, Purslow et al. I’d sooner us be playing in the championship with honest loyal players that are willing to gie their all than have some expensive fly by nights. Leae that tosh to Man City.

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