Andy Carroll set for Liverpool

Liverpool will sign Andy Carroll, the 21 year old Newcastle striker, to play alongside Luis Suarez at Liverpool.

With Torres leaving Liverpool in the lurch with just 4 days of the window left, the reds have now moved to ensure they have enough striking options for the rest of the season.

An initial bid of £25M last night was rejected.  Liverpool then upped their offer to £32M but again it was rejected late in the afternoon.

At this stage, Andy Carroll, who was on his way to Liverpool opted to forego his signing on fee by submitting a transfer request.

The player is due to arrive at Melwood later this evening.

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Andy Carroll set for Liverpool

  1. never sure 100% about buying an injured player he has only had one season of scoring goals unproven commodity.also off feild problems as well hope it works out because we need good quality options up front.

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