Liverpool reject Chelsea offer for Torres

Torres has a good goalscoring record against Chelsea in recent years.

Liverpool have turned down an offer of between £35M and £40M for striker Fernando Torres.

A Liverpool spokesman said:

“Chelsea have made a bid for Fernando, which has been turned down. The player is not for sale.”

It is believed that Chelsea are likely to table an increased offer for the striker in the next few days to test the reds resolve.

Torres’ form has improved in recent weeks under Kenny Dalglish, with the player scoring 3 times in 4 matches.

Liverpool appear to be running out of time for both Luis Suarez and Charlie Adam, after both clubs dismissed our offers for the players as below their expected values.

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Liverpool reject Chelsea offer for Torres

  1. thats the trouble today a contract not worth the paper its written on. he hasnt looked happy for some to let him go suck out as much money as you can out of chelsea. an unhappy striker will not score to many goals. take the money to rebuild

  2. I hate Torres! Why did he have to do it this way and now?! How self indulged and selfish can he be? He could have at least waited til the end of the season we could have taken this better. He’ll be regarded no better than Owen the scum bag if he joins another English club, if he joins a Spanish club then fair enough but don’t ever show your face in England and especially not in Liverpool again..shame on you, despicable actions by a sad excuse for a man now showing his true mercenary colours. Hero to zero in the space of these past two days..absolutely unbelievable after all we’ve done for him, after all our great city has done for him..rot in the reserves till we sell you on our terms little man

  3. Having read pretty much every article on the web I’m yet to stumble across a solid quote suggesting he wants to talk to chavski. Journalism seems so easy, you take a fact ie bid for Torres rejected as he is not for sale, then you make up the most ‘exciting’ story for all those dead heads who read the s*n. May as well add my story to it.. Torres asks to talk to Chelsea as he is growing frustrated with not being able to park his car in his favourite parking spot at melwood due to gerrards insistence he wants to park there, rumours of training ground bust up..utter nonsense but on a par with all other stories due to lack of solid quotes.

  4. It’s just a matter of time before Torres departs because obviously the promises made to him have not been kept. All we keep hearing is excuses of how we won’t pay over the top that is so frustrating, we need to spend on quality players to improve the side instead seem to argue for every pound forever seeking bargain buys.

    I recall the new owners saying that they’d be spending on up to six players in Jan, now we hear that it’s not a good time to buy so let’s wait until the summer most likely for more cheapies!. It’s not that top players are unwilling to join us rather we never meet the asking price where as Man City and Chelsea etc mostly do.

    You get what you pay for, if this attitude continues then Torres will not be the only one looking to leave!. I’m losing hope in these new owners already.

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