Liverpool won’t be held to ransom over Charlie Adam

Charlie Adam celebrating his goal against Liverpool at Anfield

In January, Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston and manager Ian Holloway both went public discussing private discussions with Liverpool over Charlie Adam.  The club eventually refused to sell, with captain Charlie Adam spending transfer deadline day in the managers office – waiting to be allowed to move.

From that point on Blackpool’s season collapsed and they were eventually relegated from the Premier League.

Fast forward five months and it appears Blackpool are continuing to over-haggle on the price of their wantaway captain.  Liverpool initially baulked at the £10M valuation – but stories today have appeared that Manchester United are interested at £12M.  These stories could be genuine, or they could be part of Blackpool’s attempts to get their top figure.

But Liverpool are growing increasingly frustrated with the discussions – and will deliver Blackpool a take it or leave it offer within the next 48 hours, before moving on to other options.

The reds had been linked with other central midfielders as alternatives to Adam – including the 22 year old Dutch player Vurnon Anita of Ajax, but the player recently signed a contract extension to 2014 which will significantly increase his potential purchase price.

Anita’s agent said last week:

“From what I understand, Liverpool and Tottenham are interested in Anita. But we still have not made any approach or Ajax came in contact with us.”

“Vurnon is flattered that clubs are interested in him, but he has only just signed a new deal. Vurnon is only 22-years-old and is not ready yet for a move abroad”

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Liverpool won’t be held to ransom over Charlie Adam

  1. liverpool need width and pace, 2 wingers are needed, yes charlie adam would be a good addition, possibly left back, centre half definately, im sick of all the transfer rumours, but i have faith in king kenny to bring quality in  

  2.  Some people have got no clue about the game of football. Following Jan Molby’s departure from Liverpool, we had to wait nearly 10 years to get Xabi Alonso. Now we have a chance to get our hands on a player that could fill the void left by Xabi and yet people are moaning! Oh and by the way, he’d come cheaper than Xabi did all those years ago. Oh and before people start telling me that he’s nowhere near as good as Xabi was, well he scores more goals, and is a proven premiership player. Xabi had 2 top seasons at Liverpool. His first and his last. For the period in between he was decidedly average. Imagine Adam’s ability to pick out Carroll with those raking passes. Can’t wait.

  3. Blackpool are simply playing mind games hoping that we’ll meet their demands!. Charlie will only be a bench warmer at L’pool though we need a big squad so would be a welcome addition.

    Make a final £10 million take it or leave it offer.

  4. Oystons behavior is simply disgusting. After all Adam has done for Blackpool, after the character he showed after January when they refused let him take massive step forward in his career. He has a year left one his contract, relegated to championship, desperate to leave , yet they refuse to business but for a stupid fee which is 20 x plus higher than what they paid rangers for 2 years ago. The rat oyston ignored phone calls from Comolli in january when we were trying to bid for him, how unsettling is that for Adam?

  5. Done deal by friday night or it will never happen – final offer is £8.5 million and one kid on loan to Seasiders for 12 months. Saga ends Friday night. 

  6. Agreed, we don’t need Charlie Adam, even less so now we’ve brought in Henderson and Gago has been mentioned aswell..Holloway needs to get his head out of his arse and realise no-one will pay that kind of money for someone who had a decent season at a crap know what they say about big players at small clubs..usually flop at the big clubs..look at Gareth Barry..

  7. Move on LFC…

    For 12 million and maybe just a bit more we could add a bit more and get a javi martinez or a ever banega who are and will be four times the player this fat clown form blackpool will be.

    For god sake let him go to man utd and have them over pay and pull out at the last moment meaning that old drunk red faced scott fergie will spend more of his loan budget that the glazers will have to reply one day, – hoping that they go out of business, one day i hope…..

    Adam to utd, yes please, banega or martinez to melwood, yes all day long mates….

    Great deal that above!!!!!! make it happen kenny, or failing that get carzola great littleplayer he is, ten times the player adam is, big time.

    • king kenny wants a british squad hes not gna go spend big amounts on foreign players and adam is good cm he’s a frequent scorer, quick, strong, good passer and great with set peices what more do you want from him and how can you compare cazorla to adam when santi cazorla isnt a centre mid

  8. This “saga” is becoming ludicrously childish the more it progresses. Adam is NOT worth even £6mil
    and the haggling is because Holloway owns some rights to the player hence more than a smattering of greed. We really do not need this guy now. I suspect the “offer” from Ferguson is simply mind games in trying to get LFC to splash out a ridiculous inflated amount and not a real interest in purchasing the player himself. Remember he is a personal friend of Holloway and to have us fork out around the £10M mark would leave him howling with laughter I am sure.
    Time to forget this debacle and move on to better faster and more tricky additions to the wings. Now that would be a proper spending of good money. 

  9. Please, do not pay over the odds for Adam, he’s a really talented player, but money needs to be spent securing the a Left Full Back, a commanding Centre Half and a hungry and talented backup Striker.

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