Spurs set to snatch Liverpool target Sigurdsson


Tottenham Hotspur are now favourites to land Gylfi Sigurðsson in what could be an embarrassing snub for both Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers.

The 22 year old Icelandic midfielder spent last season with Swansea City on loan, and was expected to complete a deal to join Swansea, before Brendan Rodgers left the Welsh club for Liverpool.

Rodgers has held extensive talks with the player about a move to Liverpool - however the player has agreed personal terms with Spurs with an £8M deal expected to be rubber stamped later this week by his club - 1899 Hoffenheim.

  • Jayhaych

    I’m not convinced about Mr Rodgers one bit. Will give him the benefit of the doubt but still feel that getting rid of Kenny, has set us back 5yrs.
    I think it’s says alot when the player says he signed for spurs because he thought they were going places….Please prove me wrong brendan. YNWA!

  • Imran

    Lets giving Brendon the benefit of the doubt here after-all we don;t need any more mediocre players in the squad. We may have been interested but obviously did not pursue that for good reason.

    I was glad to hear Brendon say that he won’t be signings players unless they can improve the squad which is exactly what we need. We don’t need any more bench warmers or expensive flops rather those who make a major impact when called upon.

    Spurs are welcome to this Icelandic fella!

  • davy

    now now mr mccauley ur showing the truw colours of a red scum supporter thats what yere good at insults and living in the past.sad

    • J K

      What a sad little man doing on this site.

  • Bibblyboop

    I remember BR saying ‘if he becomes available, I would have to look at him…- that doesn’t mean he was going to sign him. All this is mere postulation, what we do know is that central midfield at LFC is rammed with central mids and perhaps other positions where we are lacking are more important with the funds at his disposal. I believe if he wanted him – he would’ve signed him.

  • Nik

    Or its to do with playing for a top four team or a top eight.

  • RedLfcSam

    Its That Time of year again, will we ever know the truth about who the gaffer wants or can afford. 

  • The problem we have is that Rogers is too casual on the transfer  market before we know it we might end up with mediocre signings and remain as a mid table team.Dont sell suarez we do not need hunterleer  no thank you.Someone pump some sense into brendan’s head!shame!!

  • steve mcauley

    so to get this straight, he knows BR well after 2 loan spells, he knows his system well, he knows BR WANTS him and he knows the stature of LFC yet he goes to a manager-less club not knowing if the new guy will even fancy him or if he will suit his way of playing! wow! i guess money really DOES talk! good riddance! i would much prefer to sign players who consider it a privilege to play for our great institution and not mercenaries! or maybe i’m just naive, maybe loyal players simply don’t exist anymore!

    • davy

      typical.you cant see he sees no future for the red scum

      • steve mcauley

        did you even hear what the player himself said when linked with Lfc? you’re obviously a man ure divvy! come back when you’ve won 5 ya dipstick!

    • Mike

      Id prefer us to sign the best footballers who win matches, mercenaries or not. I dont give a f**k, as long as we win. Stop living in the past, typical liverpool fan. Loyalty in football!? Pffft!!!


      Reds fan going on 22 years, trying to leave the past where it belongs… In The Past!!

  • Jonathon Watson