Ian Ayre hopes Suarez squad return will cool speculation

Ian Ayre is banking on a Luis Suarez return to the squad to settle transfer speculation.

The summer has been dominated by media chatter and fans debates surrounding the Uruguayan striker.

With Liverpool heading off on their pre-season tour to Indonesia, Suarez is amongst three players set to join up with the squad at the start of next week.

And the club Managing Director hopes that this will help refocus the players mind on staying at the Anfield club.

"We'd love to see Luis put on a Liverpool shirt for this season and beyond and we hope that once he gets back things will settle down.

Ayre was speaking to Bloomberg ahead of the tour - a key part of Liverpool's strategy of increasing market share in overseas markets.

"I don't think anyone will be against him at this point,"

"He only needs to do what he did last season and everyone will feel he's in the right place and he should carry on getting the support that he deserves and gets from Liverpool.

"This is an ambitious young player, he's talked in the media about wanting to play in the Champions League and all these things. It's our job to convince Luis that this is the right place to achieve those things."

Rumours this week surrounding Suarez have centred on a potential increased bid from Arsenal, and some reports have suggested that Real Madrid may be about to enter the bidding.

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Ian Ayre hopes Suarez squad return will cool speculation

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