Liverpool want at least £50M for Suarez

Liverpool won't accept less than £50M for striker Luis Suarez.

Suarez, who has been making plenty of noise in his native Uruguay this past week, will only be sold for a Liverpool record transfer fee - the £50M received for Fernando Torres in January 2011.

Suarez even went as far as saying maybe now was a time for a 'change of environment' which eventually forced Liverpool's hand into releasing a statement yesterday.

Luis Suarez is not for sale. LFC is fully supportive of Luis and expect him to honour his contract.

Neither Luis nor his representatives have communicated to the club a desire to leave.

The player arrived for £23M 2 and a half years ago, and quickly filled the gap left by the departing Torres - going on to score 30 goals in all competitions this past season.

However, the negative headlines have been a feature of his time at Liverpool.  Kenny Dalglish took a substantial amount of the flak for his support of Luis, and some say it was a principal reason behind the managers departure at the end of last season.

There are suggestions there is a £40M release clause in Luis' contract - but this is only to allow the player to talk to other clubs.  Liverpool do not want to sell the player but behind the scenes are clear that his price is greater than £50M.

Whether Madrid, or even Bayern Munich would be tempted at that price for a player with a chequered history is going to be the debate of the summer.

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Liverpool want at least £50M for Suarez

  1. Let’s swap with bayern plus 30million and use that money other areas.sell henderson,borini,allen,skirtel,assadi,cotes to raise money to buy quality players like mkhitaryan,wanyama,kyriagos,toby,digne,benteke,jmartinez,eriksen and 1winger.

  2. for Christ sakes, he arrived for £18M in January 2011. why are Liverpool’s trasnfers always reported as costing more than they actually did? e.g. Henderson (£20M as opposed to £16M), Borini (£11m instead of the actual £9M), Acquilani (£20M as opposed to £18M), etc. cut it out!

  3. If Reina stays, then we must be in for the older but wiser David Villa, we have less games next year that top 4 must be the be all and end all.

    David villa is still better then many fans think, he would be a great link for Coutinho, would add advice for the younger players, please do not think we are to arrogant to believe we cant look and or should not be buying David Villa.

    Villa can still run in behind but is smart in the box, better then most in the box, for around 15 mill would try hard to sign him.

    Id would then look at adding a forward that can run and operate across the whole of the front line – Jackson Martinez.

    Villa, Martinez, Sturridge (when fit), we must have decent options up top to compete, Borrini, is a squad player at best until he can prove otherwise!!

    Aspas, would be a great squad player to help out with real depth which we have not ha din years!!

    Suarez will most likely be sold, use the money and move on, but with above we would then have all areas covered in our attacking options with Coutinho and Gerrard helping out.

    Martinez would cost 25 mill, Villa 15 mill, Aspas 7 mill, = 47 mill. = Suarez money.

    Carroll = Papadopolous.

    Skrtel = Alderweirweld.

    Toure = Carragher and lower wages, money saved again here!

    Shelvey & Assiadi = Lucus Digne or Aly Cissokho.

    Ngoo, Wison, Flanagan, Spearing, Pacheco, Downing, = around 11 mill to put toward some of the clubs cash to get Eriksen in.

    We then have hardly spent any money if so around 4 – 5 mill net spend this summer if that.

    Id even spend another 9 mill on Tello.

  4. 50 million sound good as he is a player of sublime quality no matter of his attitude ! Welcome David Villa, Christian Eriksen, Luis Muriel and a surprise could be on the cards for BENTEKE or LUKAKU !!!!

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