Assaidi can leave – but LFC want to double-up

Liverpool FC have told Stoke City that they will need to stump up £7M for Oussama Assaidi.

The 25 year old Moroccan was one of Brendan Rodgers first signings at Anfield for a figure of around £3.5M.  He failed to make a breakthrough into Liverpool's first team, due in part to Raheem Sterling's impact, and was loaned to Stoke City last year.

He featured 25 times for Mark Hughes side throughout the campaign scoring some important goals along the way.

Last week the press indicated that personal terms has been agreed - today the Telegraph highlights the stumbling block is the fee.

Stoke, naturally, believe the figure is high but Liverpool will insist that the player has grown in value, and Premier League experience and expect a significant amount over and above his original transfer fee.

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Assaidi can leave – but LFC want to double-up

  1. If they don’t pay up then we should retain Oussama. He will be a good option on the bench next season, a decent player with potential to improve.

  2. Stoke want him for free,yet if it was Liverpool trying too buy from Stoke they would want £20.000.000 Million Pounds.We want £7.000.000 Million Pounds ( FACT ) TAKE IT,OR LEAVE IT…

    • exactly dean. it does my head in with these clubs wanting to pay us way below market value for our players. unfortunatly it’s the way of the world these days. but i don’t hink new owners are mugs that wil

    • From a stoke fan we wouldn’t expect him for nothing but a fee of around 4 million should be a reasonable amount with you having first refusal if player performs and with more experience would fit in to a champions side

      • he’s worth £7 million all day long my friend. stoke will pay it in the end whether it be in installments or up front. because they know L.F.C will get the £7 million off somebody else for him. that price is relatively cheap for him in this market. Y.N.W.A

        • Lol @ these stupid loserpool fans.. If he wasn’t on loan with us last season u would of struggled to get half what you paid for him.. Yes he had a good season but that does not make him worth 7 million.. I’d say we should pay 5 million tops.. But we are dealing with idiots that thought AC was worth 35,and downing 20..

        • the loan market is to do both clubs a favour one club get a extra player to help them over season & the other club gets to send a player out to gain experience who otherwise wouldn’t be getting game time. in the hope he comes back and can force his way into contention. on this occasion it just hasn’t worked out like that. but make no mistake. his market value has risen. if stoke don’twant him for £7 million somebody else will. but i have a sneaky suspicion stoke will pay it. cause he’s worth it. on the Andy Carroll / Downing note, i agree with you. the only defence we had for that fiasco was those last owners didn’t have a clue how to run a bath, never mind a football club. Y.N.W.A

        • andy carroll and downing was bought buy fenway not gillettes/hicks but it was under instructions from king kenny still not worth the fees tho

        • U can as well take for nothing at all, its no ones business if he was at stoke on loan or not so far as we concerned he helped ur club in d most important periods n dat doesn’t count for nothing

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