Liverpool and Chelsea lock horns over Mohamed Salah transfer

Chelsea have entered the transfer race to sign Basel's Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah.

Liverpool are understood to be in advanced talks with the Swiss club.  The club value their youngster at around £16M.

The reds do not appear to rate the player that highly, leaving an opportunity for Chelsea to sneak in with a reported £11M bid to attempt to scupper the deal.

Liverpool's are currently negotiating around the £8M range.

Chelsea, who are attempting to play by the financial fair play rules, will realise some available cash after agreeing a deal that will see Juan Mata move to Manchester United - and Mourinho saw first hand the qualities that Salah possesses - when the Egyptian scored in both matches against the Stamford Bridge outfit.

An Egyptian football site had yesterday insisted that Salah would be at Melwood for a medical, but this transfer story - that has now been going on for some time - looks like it could go right to the end of the window.

Salah has scored 4 goals in his 18 appearances for FC Basel this season.

Salah - the best bits

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Liverpool and Chelsea lock horns over Mohamed Salah transfer

  1. I think we have locked horns and our horns have fallen out and we are in the process of sulking home. Typical LFC transfer business, I am old enough to remember when we where really good at it. Barnes and Beardsley at one swoop

  2. Wow…a bit excessive. 24 hours ago everyone was rather underwhelmed by Salah being our only signing, and now it seems we’ve lost the second coming of Messi. He’s just a winger – something we don’t really need and don’t play well with (see Moses). Would much rather have backup at DM. If we really want Salah, we can buy him off Chelsea in 12 months for 6 mil…after he hasn’t played a game.

  3. We are becoming used to this sort of dragging the feet, do we really want him? Did we really want Mkytarian, Costa or Willian? or is it just to fool the fans into thinking they’re trying. So far we have around £60 million worth of crap already at Anfield, plus Rodgers and Ayre, who are responsible for it, all cheap players on low wages. That’s why we have Rodgers, he was cheapest, bet he felt like he’d won the lottery when he got the job, he’s won nothing and he never will, and neither will LFC with him in charge.

  4. Word of warning to FSG,Liverpool fans will start to turn on use real quick.We know your trying to buy success on a shoestring,and it’s never going to happen with other clubs like Man City Chelsea Arsenal Man Utd Tottenham Hotspur spending so much ;-( SO DO THE RIGHT THING AND SELL UP ASAP,BANNERS WILL BE MADE FOR THE DERBY ;-(

  5. The person negotiating player deals which we all know is ( Ian IDIOT ayre ) Should be removed from his POST ASAP,and if he isn’t then we know why he is in the post ( TO STOP DEALS GOING THROUGH )

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