R-editorial: 40,000 Reds aiming for six-cess in Athens

The exodus is well and truly underway, tens of thousands of Liverpool fans have embarked on the Greek odyssey and are arriving in Athens by the plane-load. Tonight the reds aim for their 6th European crown in a remarkable 7 finals.

The atmosphere has been surprisingly good natured to date considering the huge number of fans out there, many tracking the elusive ticket. Some reds have resigned themselves to the fact that they will not receive a ticket and are soaking up the atmosphere already.

An English man has been detained by Greek authorities after allegedly selling 28 tickets for a total of around £26,000 pounds. You work it out! UEFA clearly have a significant responsibility in the fact so many Liverpool supporters have been left at the mercy of these con-artists.

But back to the game – wherever you are watching tonight’s game, be it at the Olympic Stadium in Athens, in the centre of the European Capital of Football, or at home with a couple of beers – tonight none of us walk alone.

Enjoy the game. Here’s to another proud Liverpool performance – hopefully one that will etch our names in to the record books once again.

We’ll be back on tomorrow, bleary-eyes no doubt, hopefully celebrating. Just picture the supporters of the teams who finished above us in the league – their season has in essence come down to them praying we are defeated. Sorry guys – we knocked Chelsea out and Milan knocked United out quite comprehensively. There are only two sets of supporters who can taste either victory or defeat tonight.

And remember, we’ll still have at least five of them tomorrow.

Enjoy it!

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