Editorial: 26th February 2008

‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. Tom Hicks Jnr certainly took that to heart when he entered the spiritual birthplace of Liverpool FC, The Sandon, at the weekend alongside a couple of American friends and a handful of burly minders.  Maybe after winning three points he thought that us simple footballing souls would have forgotten all about the back-stabbing, and the little matter of £350 million worth of debt his pops helped get the club in to.

Sorry Tom.

Everybody at Anfield remains pretty unimpressed with the despicable treatment of the manager who had renewed a sense of pride on the pitch and in the trophy cabinet at Anfield.  And were all pretty unimpressed by the £350 million lie of not putting a penny of debt on to the club.  Fortunately the Texan left the Sandon pretty sharpish when the fans began to cotton on to who he was, and from all accounts The Sandon was not refinanced to the Bank of Wachovia-land, and the pub manager is not set to be replaced by a German. Phew!

But seriously, what was he thinking?  We all know that Tom Hicks now has a swanky new PR firm to assist him in ‘dealing with Liverpool’ and it could only be such an idiotic organisation which may have suggested Tom Jr’s weekend walkabout.  The Hicks’ can certainly be in no doubt as to the feeling of disdain in which they are held.

Meanwhile George Gillett has been silent since the Klinsmann-gate debacle and is being widely-tipped to dispose of his shareholding to Dubai Investment Capital, taking away a tidy little $50 million profit in the process.  While Tom Hicks seems desperate to cling on to scrape more money out of Liverpool we would suggest that both American businessmen move on to pastures new this spring.  Let’s just spend a moment to thank them both for their achievements over the past year.

1. Keeping Rick Parry in a job
2. Paying architects twice
3. Enabling Liverpool to pay some banks a £30 million fee to organise some loans
4. Enabling Liverpool to pay £30 million interest a year on their new £350 million debt
5. Letting Rafa spend £15 million of the banks money on some players last summer and in January
6. Creating a stabilising influence on the team
7. Keeping the fans happy

It’s been a pleasure.

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Editorial: 26th February 2008

  1. Lets look forward to 4yrs from now under Hicks & Gillett.At the end of the 11/12 season we had as usual to pay our annual fee of 30mill to the shareholders we also had to find 50mill to pay the banks for the interest on the latest loan.

    That’s 3 loans we’ve taken out since 07 the last being 500mill and now the club is in so much dept the new manager has only been allowed to spend 15mill on players and at today’s prices it’s not going to get you a decent full back.Last season 10/11 was our most disappointing since Hicks and Gillett took over and Europe is so far out of reach we can only live on memories.

    Ticket prices are to rise (again) and we are not even filling up the stadium.The new stadium workers are on strike (again) with the Co. not getting paid no wages were paid out to the workers and the stadium has only been under way for 10mths.

    We are on the 5th manager since Raffa was sacked in 2008.Hicks says he will get it right so have patience.

    Another protest against the board and the riot police were on hand to keep it quiet.

    Last season we managed 12th place still it was an improvement on 13th which we had the season before.

    Ridiculous and Really far fetched isn’t it but the Americans are ruining the club and if they stay who knows where we shall end up.Div.2 most likely place.

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