Roy Hodgson: Saviour of Liverpool FC

Roy Hodgson for Liverpool?

For Tom Hicks and George Gillett, the reds atrocious dip in form could not have come at a worst time.

Roy Hodgson’s Liverpool have begun the campaign with their worst start in 57 years.  Outside the lifetime of many Liverpool fans, and many of their fathers.

The Liverpool board lost all footballing credibility long before they replaced Benitez with Hodgson.

But spending £8M to replace a major domestic title and European champion with a man who destroyed his last ambitious Premier League club, Blackburn, now proves that the current owners and board have no sense of business acumen either.

As the reds debts soar, it would now not only be a greedy but also financially incompetent bank or lender, that decided to extend any Liverpool FC loan.

If RBS dared extend the loan at Anfield, to a club run by clowns – unable to take sensible financial decisions or understand the business they work in, then they would arguably be the laughing stock of investors.  Important at a time when they will begin to move away from taxpayer-control – and be seeking re-investment by major financial institutions.

I’m not using this piece to savage Roy Hodgson any more than many Liverpool fans already are doing, and have been.  He wasn’t up to the job 13 years ago when he took over at big spending Blackburn and he wasn’t up to the job when he was appointed in the summer.  It has always been my view that Roy was never going to be an achiever at Anfield – I knew when I spent a couple of minutes reviewing his 37 year CV.  Losing a UEFA Cup final is no qualification for managing one of the World’s biggest clubs.  Even Fulham have improved since his departure.

But his short tenure, which it will be, will hopefully be one in which he created the conditions favourable to help remove Hicks and Gillett.  That could be an enormous silver lining in years to come.  If for nothing else – that will write his name in Liverpool’s history books.

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Roy Hodgson: Saviour of Liverpool FC

  1. We have Kenny sat there doing some sort of ambasador role (whatever that is) if I had been told I was passed it and out of touch I wouldnt be still sat there. Thats the proof of his comittment for our club.
    Give him the chance to show them how out of touch he is becasue the players would have no chance of sitting there feeling sorry for themselves if he was in charge.
    The players are to blame along with Woy but lets get one thing straight the guy is no manager of our beloved LiVERPOOL is he

  2. well said mate (rootslfc) cant agree with you anymore. As I have said previous WOY seems a nice guy but he dont seem to be able to push us or motivate when the s**t hits does he.
    At least when Rafa was there he seemed able to say the words the players needed to hear. Ok he let his tongue run away with certain things but can you blame him when he was getting stabed by the board and the yanks. would you be any different? I know I wouldnt.

  3. roy a good man…i dont care what type of person he is ..can he manage LFC …

    rafa according to everybody ..steve bruce/siralex/jose the vast media and ex players including present players gerrad and Carra, was not a nice man infact its very difficult to find anyone who will say anything good about him …but can he manage LFC

    WOY OUT NOW…kenny in for a season then modern successful, tactically astute and up to date coach who loves the club and is a winner…opps we already had him

  4. roy hodgson, while is not a bad manager, will never be quality manager that we need to get a big name to the club or get the players up for games. he should never have been appointed in the first place and while i wish him well while he is here, he is not and will never be the right man for the job.

    the club has to be sold, that is the only thing that is going to help this club, thats it clear and simple as that.

    wake up fans its all hicks and gilletts fault, end off.

  5. Right on the ball, Mark. I could not agree with you more.
    I am tired of everyone getting the blame except the guys with the ball…
    Great way to put a demon picture at the top of the article. Not really objective reporting, huh.
    And oh, by the way, how is Rafa doing right now with the triple winners??? Oh, I see….

  6. You’ve completely missed the point and just blamed the easy target mate. The problem here is the players and nothing more, certainly not Hodgson – a good man who has been placed in a no win situation surrounded by mercenaries.

    The players are using the ownership stuff as an excuse. I’m sick of the sight of most of them.

    Yes Hodgson has made mistakes but he’s been let down by his players on far too many occasions.

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